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Company NewsSummer Sale
August 23, 2019

TAG Summer Sale! We don’t know if its the unseasonable warmth or the heavy rain that tells us summer is here. What we do know is that we’ve got our… more »

Company NewsJust the Wild Dice!
August 14, 2019

We’ve heard and we’ve listened to the fans!   The Exploding Dice Kickstarter now has a pledge level for just the custom d6 – none of the other polyhedrals. You… more »

Company NewsExploding Dice have launched!
August 13, 2019

Be the envy of your gaming group with these specially crafted Exploding Dice! Each set has a second six-sided die with a logo replacing the 6, so not only can… more »

Company NewsExploding Dice Sets
August 7, 2019

Triple Ace Games has teamed up with Dice Dudes to produce ten different sets of polyhedral dice, each featuring a second six-sided dice with a custom face showing a unique… more »

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  • Leagues of Cthulhu: Guide to Afghanistan PREORDER

    Frequently conquered but never tamed, Afghanistan keeps its secrets safe – until now. A crossroads for cultures and ideas for millennia, Afghanistan and its people are little understood by the… more »

  • On Sale

    Leagues of Gothic Horror Postcard Printed on thick, glossy paper, this A5-sized postcard depicts the cover art from Leagues of Gothic Horror. Printed on the reverse is a write-up and game statistics for… more »

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