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Company NewsCthulhu Mythos Badges Kickstarter!
March 8, 2017

Save the date folks! Next Wednesday, 15th March we will be launching our latest kickstarter for a set of five sanity busting mythos book badges! You can preview the campaign… more »

Company News10th Anniversary Products
February 1, 2017

10th Anniversary Products In June 2018 (yes, next year), Triple Ace Games will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. That being something of a milestone, especially since we’re a full-time company… more »

Company NewsProduction Chart February 2017
February 1, 2017

The following chart is a visual reference showing our project queue and products’ current status. We hope you’ll find this a useful tool, especially if you are a Kickstarter backer,… more »

Company NewsVisit to ConTingency 2017!
February 1, 2017

Last weekend, Rob went to the brand new ConTingency games convention held at Sandy Balls (I know, don’t laugh!) Holiday Village! The convention was well organised, with a focus on… more »

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  • Imps Devilish Duels *PRE-ORDER*

    *PRE-ORDER ONLY GAME DELIVERING IN MARCH 2017* Welcome to Imps Devilish Duels! “It is a well known fact that students of magic learn to hone their powers by summoning Imps… more »

  • Ghost Hunter: Monsters

    Welcome to the Infernal Club – a society dedicated to hunting supernatural beings of all kinds! In Ghost Hunter: Monsters players become Infernal Club adventurers engaged in a cryptozoological game… more »

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