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Hellfrost City Book 6: Cities of Trade


Halfway, where money can buy power and influence, and where having the right clothes is as important as having the right contacts. A place where adventurers can buy and sell all manner of goods, and use their loot to buy noble titles.

Glassport, gateway port to Aspiria, wreathed in smoke from the many furnaces that burn day and night, has become famous for its glassware. It is also a major center of alchemical learning and production, where mages and clerics can hone their arts and turn a tidy profit at the same time.

Both cities are centers of trade, but both have a unique flavor. Which one will your adventurers seek out?

Inside you will find:
* Information concerning the cities’ history, social hierarchy, government, military, religion, and more. Gamemasters can weave this information into their adventures, while native player characters can use it to enhance their heroes.
* A full color map of each settlement.
* Dozens of unique locales that can serve as places to visit or spend money, or as the focus for an adventure.

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Hellfrost City Book 6: Cities of Trade
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