Hellfrost: Land of Fire
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  • Hellfrost Land of Fire Players Guide

    The Players Guide Inside the Players Guide you will find information that is also available in the core setting book. What we have done is cut out everything that is… more »

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  • Hellfrost Land of Fire Setting Book

    About Land of Fire – The secrets of the sand revealed! Welcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and… more »

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  • Land of Fire – Tales from the SandsOn Sale

    Softback Book OUT NOW! The heroes of old are long dead, but they are far from forgotten. For untold generations their names have flowed through time, their lives immortalized through… more »

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  • Land of Fire Action Deck

    The Land of Fire Action deck set includes 52 playing cards and 2 jokers for your Land of Fire games and all neatly packed in a clear deck box with… more »

  • LOF Adventure #01 – Curse of the Sand Lord

    Beneath the burning sands a memory is awakening… For a band of young heroes eager for adventure and glory, escorting a merchant to a rendezvous with a Bedu tribe promises… more »

  • Realm Guide #0: The Bedu

    The divisions of the great desert into distinct regions are the invention of modern cartographers. To the nomads that live in the wilderness, borders are meaningless, for the landscape ebbs… more »

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  • Realm Guide #1: Hekata

    Once a rich and mighty empire, Hekata was brought to ruin by the pride and fear of its mightiest ruler. Had it not succumbed to corruption, it might have gone… more »

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  • Realm Guide #10: Plains of Ash

    Once the home of the cakali, once a center of enlightenment and invention, once a green and pleasant land, the Plains of Ash is now a blasted wasteland, a testament… more »

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  • Realm Guide #11: The Grazelands

    Once a verdant landscape of grass and flowering plants, the Grazelands are slowly being swallowed by the relentless sands. Trade, which brought great wealth to the inhabitants, has declined sharply,… more »

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  • Realm Guide #12: The Mirrorsands

    The Mirrorsands is one of the holiest sites in Al-Shirkuh. Here Suleiman single-hand­edly defeated the jinn, bringing an end to the War of Copper Jars. Pilgrims flock here in great… more »

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  • Realm Guide #13: Jadid, City of Trade

    Portrayed by storytellers as a city of endless opportunity, Jadid, City of Trade and Gateway to the Jade Empire, is nothing of the sort. A few citizens have prospered on… more »

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  • Realm Guide #14: The Scorpion Lands of Old

    Older than the race of men, the scorpionmen have haunted the wide valley and steep hills for millennia. Countless times they have risen to power and fallen into slavery. Once… more »

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  • Realm Guide #15: The Salt Marsh

    The verdant landscape of the Salt Marsh has lured many a curious traveler to his death. For sure it is rich in ruins untouched by human hands, but it is… more »

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  • Realm Guide #16: Realm of the Medusae

    For thousands of years the medusae have slumbered beneath the Statue Hills, waking only once every century or so to check on their minions and put their long-term plans into… more »

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  • Realm Guide #17: The Snakelands of Old

    For two millennia the snakemen of old have been spoken of only as ghosts, for it has long been known they were destroyed by the armies of mighty Hekata. If… more »

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  • Realm Guide #18: Jubbah, City of Monkeys

    Unknown to the outside world yet claiming to exist for millennia, and populated by talking simians mentioned in no musty records, until recently Jubbah was isolated from the outside world… more »

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  • Realm Guide #19: The Al-Wazir Sultanate

    Welcome one and all to the Al-Wazir Sultanate, the physical manifestation of Suleiman’s dream! For just a few dinars this marvellous guide book will detail the many delights of our great… more »

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  • Realm Guide #2: The Jinn Lands of Old

    For 800 years the Jinn Lands were the center of a vast, aggressive, magic-rich empire. For 800 years they were the home of countless slaves, forced into servitude by their… more »

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  • Realm Guide #20: The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh

    Welcome one and all to the Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, a land where the Faithful have found paradise! For just a handful of lowly coins this marvelous guide book will detail the many… more »

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  • Realm Guide #21: The Free Emirate States

    Of the three great human realms, it is the Free Emirate States that actually comes closest to fulfilling Suleiman’s vision. Only a fool would deny there are problems, but here… more »

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  • Realm Guide #22: The Kingdoms of the Sphinxes

    Welcome, lord of generosity, to the land of living gods! Other races and cultures boast greater antiquity, but at 1,900 years, the Kingdoms of the Sphinxes is the oldest nation… more »

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  • Realm Guide #23: Al-Korsar

    The southern coast of Al-Shirkuh is plagued by corsairs. Some of these pirates and smugglers are independent. Most are denizens of Al-Korsar, an infamous warren of villainy and scum that… more »

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  • Realm Guide #3: The Great Northern Desert

    Although considered a desolate wasteland by the settled races, the Great Northern Des­ert is the cradle of many civilizations. Although now considered separate lands, the spheres of influence of the… more »

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  • Realm Guide #4: The Great Southern Desert

    The area encompassing the Great Southern Desert may be but a fraction of the continent, but it remains a vast, largely unexplored realm. While the ruins common in the Great… more »

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  • Realm Guide #5: The Southern Oceans

    Due to the geographic layout of Al-Shirkuh, trade between the disparate major regions is carried across the burning interior. Yet the turbulent seas remain a vital link between cities sharing… more »

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  • Realm Guide #6: The Heart of Fire

    In the center of Al-Shirkuh lies a burning wasteland of choking ash, boiling mud pools, chocking sulfur, scorching winds, and rivers of bubbling lava. In the core lies a vast… more »

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  • Realm Guide #7: The Salt Basin

    The Salt Basin, a vast depression devoid of water and vegetation, ranks as one of the most inhospitable places in Al-Shirkuh. And yet there is life in this blistering hot… more »

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  • Realm Guide #8: The Empty Zone

    West of the Southern Trade Road lies the Empty Zone, so named because there are no oases and no permanent settlements. A desolate, arid wasteland of sand and ruins, it… more »

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  • Realm Guide #9: The Great Dune Sea

    A land of howling wind, monstrous sand dunes, no standing water, and an ever-chang­ing landscape, the Great Dune Sea is widely regarded as a wasteland. Yet nomads make their home… more »

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Hellfrost: Land of Fire Rulebook

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