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Halfling Feast Card Game

Triple Ace Games invites you to stuff your face with Halfling Feast!

Let the feast begin!

Welcome to Halfling Feast, a non-collectible card game of competitive feasting for 2-6 players. Take your place at the table and let the feast begin!
Players take on the role of a halfling champion eater! They must consume an exotic array of fantasy dishes to win! However you must avoid the underhand tactics of your competitors as their actions can allow your victory to slip away like a halfling trifle!

Designed by Naomi Styles and developed by Robin Elliott, Halfling Feast is a quick, fun and tasty card game in which you must bluff your way to victory!

Game Contents: Game box, 62 custom cards, 6 Die Cut Counters, 1 Rules Sheet



*Image shows 4 halflings. Two new halflings will be added to the game for production.


Zone 1: UK

Zone 2: EU Countries (Europe)

Zone 3: USA

Zone 4: Rest of World

Zone 5: Canada

Halfling Feast Card Game
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