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Cadaver Card Game


Cadaver is a set building card game where players compete to raise as many corpses as they can before dawn. The player with the best combination of corpses is declared the master necromancer and wins the game – its a perfect party card game!

Cadaver features stunning artwork by Augustinas Raginskis, and with winning game mechanics by Kedric Winks, players are rewarded with a compelling game experience!


Cadaver is a pure card game containing 54 play cards and a rules sheet.

Cadaver Card Game

No of players: 2-3

Suitable Age: 14+

Time to Play: 20 mins

Add a second pack to extend game to 2-6 players!

Whats inside the box?



Kedric Winks, the designer of Cadaver, has put together this play video so you can quickly grasp the key concepts and play behind the game Cadaver. Over to you Kedric!


The setup for Cadaver is very easy. Every player receives 5 cards at random from a central deck. Then 2 of each arcane resource (2 brains, 2 potions & 2 scrolls) are placed face up in the center of the table.


Cadaver is played over several rounds, with each player taking a turn. A turn consists of:

1. Play up to 2 Cards from your hand.

2. Draw 2 cards from the deck or resource piles or a combination of both as long as you draw only 2 cards. Only players who manage to lay any accomplices (mad scientist = potions, witch doctor = brains, wizard = scrolls) are allowed to draw these central resources.

3. Trade with other players.

If you manage to raise a corpse during your turn you return all of the arcane resources to the resource piles in the center of the table. You score the corpse at the end of the game. The player with the highest score wins!


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Cadaver Card Game
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