Rocket Race Silver Promo Card Released!

With all the gold promo cards allocated, we’re excited to announce a new set of rocket component cards! The “Liquid Courage” set of silver cards will be awarded to the first 240 backers. So that means if you already backed our project you’ll be getting these cards automatically. If you’re joining us in the Rocket Race party then you’ll get the silver cards from today!

silver cards promo

We’ve designed these cards for lunarnauts who like to mix their drinks! However mixing alcohol and rocket science together might be explosive in the wrong way! This rocket packs a punch with a Second-hand Still for a capsule, One Million Champagne Bottles for the propulsion and Pressurized Yeast Boosters for steering. When its all strapped and bolted together, its unclear if this contraption will make it to the moon but if you can combine these cards during game play it will help to boost reliability!

The silver look backgrounds (not foils) for these cards will stand out amongst all the other cards in Rocket Race and we will be commissioning the artwork for the set from one artist for a coherent look at the end of the campaign.

Once we hit 240 backers these promo cards won’t be available. Also these are kickstarter only cards so don’t miss out and become a backer today!

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Posted on October 20, 2014 in Rocket Race

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