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Rocket Race Card Game

Welcome to a New Age of Weird Science!

Queen Victoria has set her sights on adding the moon to the Empire. Answering the call are the Leagues of Adventure — gentlemen’s clubs, social clubs, scientific societies, and collectives of like-minded individuals striving to achieve various cultural, social, and scientific objectives, as well as earn public recognition for their deeds.

Each player represents the combined resources of one such League that has taken up the challenge to construct and launch a Moon rocket!

Fancy building a rocket using an old shed powered by atomic energy and steered by hungry mice (the moon is made of cheese, after all)? No problem!

For this week only, this non-collectible game is available for less than feeding those hungry mice!
Full retail boxed version from the TAG store for $14.99 + shipping. Contains 57 Cards, two custom 6-sided dice, 60 cog counters, rules booklet
PDF version from DriveThruCards for $4.99 or a physical set of just the cards for $9.99

Posted on September 27, 2017 in Rocket Race

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