Letters from the Leagues Year 1 Subscription OPEN!

Four volumes quarterly.

32 pages each volume.

Great content.

£55 (c/ $67), delivered to your door.

BONUS MATERIAL: Subscribers receive bonus material in each Volume, totalling another 32 pages over the year! That’s the equivalent of five Volumes for the price of four!

Subscribe and you get both print and PDF delivered to your door for £55 (four issues, shipped at no additional cost).

Issue 1 contains an article on Ancient Monuments, scratch building Occult Detective Agencies, a discourse of Yog-Sothoth, and a feature about Alienists & Asylums. Subscribers also receive new material on London!

The standard 32-page Volume will have a general release in print, PDF, or bundle. The bonus material is available solely to subscribers and will have an alternative cover including the “Globetrotters’ Guild” logo to differentiate it.

Volume 1 will be published on 1st November 2019 for subscribers.

Letters from the Leagues Subscription

Posted on September 2, 2019 in Leagues of Adventure Leagues of Gothic Horror

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