Leagues of Gothic Horror Stretch Goal #2 UNLOCKED!

LOGH CoverWe’ve officially unlocked the graphic for stretch goal #2 – Guide to Black Magic. We’re still wobbling close to its funding level, and without your support there is a chance it could be locked again. If you’ve pledged for Shadow Chaser, then a £7 upgrade to Ghost Hunter gets you TWO additional PDFs (total RRP £12). If you’re a Demon Hunter backer, then a £10 upgrade to Werewolf Hunter gets you those TWO books (total RRP£20). Just use the Manage Pledge button to upgrade.

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If we reach £9,500 (approx. $14,820) we’ll give every backer at Dabbler or above a FREE 12,000-word Leagues of Gothic Horror PDF adventure written by the highly talented and industry-renowned Walt Ciechanowski.

The Darker Side
Normally, unseemly activities by the gentry are quietly swept under the rug, but when their illicit affairs lead to murder the law can no longer turn a blind eye. Upstanding barrister Sir Reginald Trumball has recently been implicated in the rather disturbing murder of a prostitute and, with no convincing alibi, he has come to the League for help. Can the League help Sir Reginald clear his name, even when it’s revealed that he’s not quite as clean as he seems?

If we reach £10,000 (approx $15,600), we’ll give every backer at Dabbler or above a FREE 98-page PDF of pregen characters (no art) and henchmen. Many of these have appeared in other Leagues of Adventure products, but there are plenty of new characters as well, including a quintet of steampunk superheroes. Great for convention games, one-shots, or ready-made NPCs.

These don’t change the levels of the existing stretch goals – they remain the same.

Posted on July 22, 2015 in Leagues of Adventure

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