TWO Hellfrost Bundles of Holding

Through TUESDAY, JANUARY 30 Bundle of Holding presents TWO offers featuring HELLFROST, the epic fantasy SAVAGE WORLDS campaign from Triple Ace Games set in a frozen land engulfed by winter. First, we’ve revived and revamped our original September 2015 collection as HELLFROST ESSENTIALS, with the Player’s Guide and early supplements. Then expand your frigid waste with the all-new companion offer, HELLFROST ATLAS.

1. HELLFROST ESSENTIALS [revived from September 2015]

If you’re new to the Hellfrost setting, START HERE with this revived and revamped Essentials collection that has EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create your own epic fantasy campaign in Rassilon. Pay just US$12.95 to get all FIVE rulebooks and sourcebooks in this offer’s PLAYER COLLECTION (retail value $54) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

– HELLFROST PLAYER’S GUIDE (retail price $15): The ideal introduction to the world of Rassilon and its many menaces. Includes the free Savage Worlds Test Drive rules.
– MATTERS OF FAITH (retail $11): New in this revival, a sourcebook with two dozen major cults, 70 minor cults, and over 90 major festivals, plus a tour of Godsheim, realm of the gods.
– ARCANE LORE (retail $9): Druidic pacts, the Magocracy’s famed schools of heahwisardry, elementalists, lost dwarven runes, song mages, and more.
– HEROES & VILLAINS COMPENDIUM (retail $10): Dozens of Novice-level characters fully described for nonplayer encounters or as ready-made player heroes.
– ORGANIZATION GUIDE (retail $9): The military, political, and mercantile powers that exert continent-wide influence.

And if you pay more than this offer’s threshold (average) price, which is set at $24.95 to start, you’ll LEVEL UP and ALSO get this offer’s entire GAMEMASTER COLLECTION with SIX more supplements worth an additional $73, including the HELLFROST BESTIARY and CREATURE GUIDE, the GAZETTEER, ENCOUNTERS BOOK 1, and (new in this revival) LEGENDARY ENDEAVORS, with rules for creating super-powerful relics and weaving their legends.

2. HELLFROST ATLAS [all-new]

This ALL-NEW companion ATLAS collection expands the frozen landscape of Rassilon with the fabulous “Atlas of the Frozen North” and much more. Pay just $17.95 to get all SIX supplements in this offer’s STARTER COLLECTION (retail value $75), including the ADVENTURE CODEX (retail price $30) — a massive 554-page compendium of two dozen scenarios for heroes of all levels — along with five Hellfrost CITY BOOKS (total retail $45), in-depth guidebooks including City Book 1: Cities of the Freelands, 2: Cities of Magic, 3: Cities of the Crystalflow, 4: Cities of Royalty, and 5: Freetown, City of Crime.

Pay more than this offer’s threshold price, which is set at $27.95 to start, and you’ll ALSO get this offer’s entire BONUS COLLECTION with THREE more major supplements worth an additional $80, including the spectacular full-color 386-page ATLAS OF THE FROZEN NORTH (retail $40), its companion book of color MAP SHEETS (retail $25), and the new Second Edition of HELLFROST RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (retail $15) that lets you build your legend for millennia to come.

Don’t get frozen out! These two HELLFROST BUNDLES thaw and melt away in the early hours of TUESDAY, JANUARY 30.

1. HELLFROST ESSENTIALS [revived from September 2015]

2. HELLFROST ATLAS [all-new]

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