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  • in reply to: Setting Clarifications & Errata #2315

    Well some things will always slip through. Still, I hope I’ve not missed too much!

    in reply to: LoF Download(er) #2114

    I’m really loving the artwork. The PC Sand Goblin in Curse of the Sand Lord is brilliant (I always wanted to know what they really looked like”.

    You should sent a review copy to Kurt Wiegel or Tommy Brownell, they’d go nuts over this I’d reckon.

    in reply to: LoF Download(er) #2112

    Just waiting for my wife to look through her email account for a link and then I can finally see the art! (two mins at the UK Games Expo wasn’t enough to see everything).

    More importantly I can finally talk about it.

    in reply to: Hellfrost single adventure compendium #1765

    I saw it at the UK games expo and drooled a bit.

    in reply to: Hellfrost single adventure compendium #1530

    Hah! That’s very good.

    Unfortunately there’s two things that make saying that a little difficult.

    1) I have a very similarly worded letter that was sent to her from a friend when Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary came out. It began, “The thing is, men need stuff…” It was successful. It does however mean that boat has now sailed.

    2) She has stated under no uncertain terms, that considering I’ve done some pro bono proofreading for a certain book that she purchased for me last Christmas that I don’t yet have in physical form (;P) – I am not allowed to get any more HB books until that has arrived. Except at the UK games expo obviously XD.

    …so it’s a good thing that Exalted 3rd Edition Kickstarter is still not out…and that I only backed FATE Core and Interface Zero as pdfs…*shhh*

    Also, she games with me, and knows I have one of the adventures and we haven’t actually played it yet…

    on another note…where is the preview button for these forums? Apologies if the HTML comes out squishy.

    in reply to: Hellfrost single adventure compendium #1525

    There is no way on earth I am going to persuade the misses that I can have that too…


    in reply to: Minis? #1408

    I’ve been painting up some old heroquest miniatures that I had laying around. There’s an awesome one in Wizards of Morcar that is very evocative for the setting.

    Mantic undead are always good for Hellfrost – either up in the north or in the south.

    in reply to: First! #1407

    I actually expected Enno to do it to be honest. 😛

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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