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    Got it, thanks guys.

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    crap, I only have the regular version

    in reply to: Minis listings #9122

    V&V miniatures do some great Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman miniatures (Resin). Including female vikings that are practically armored and not pinups. They are made for Saga but IMO they are slightly better quality than the Griping Beast Plastics and far better than their metals.

    in reply to: Plot Point Campaign Hooks #8744

    With my groups I put the stories of the players in the foreground and let the big topic lurk in the background

    Exactly. Have you played out any of the big story hooks from the books? if so which ones.

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    I considered the sigil/kenaz thing but I wasn’t sure how to involve PC’s in something that cosmic. But that might work well for a hearth knight campaign.

    I forgot about the gatormen. I thought they were pretty much wiped out? That would be good to up the scale of that one.

    They don’t need to be world shattering but I think the main thrust of the campaign should be around something significant. At least for this setting that is what I would like to focus on.

    in reply to: Advanced Notice #8737

    Sweet, always happy for new Hellfrost content.

    in reply to: What Would be in an Undead Army? #8315

    Hmmm, maybe i’ll have them come from a different direction then. Maybe one of the roaming undead’s objectives will be to link up with the withered lands and make an opening.

    As a side note; the main objective of the pc’s is to gain allies for a large confrontation with the undead army. Basically they will be meeting with the surrounding lords and doing quests to get their support. I’m having trouble getting an idea as to how many soldiers can come from a settlement. often times the military sections on the locations are somewhat vague or very little size. For example Aslov has a population of roughly 24k but only have a city guard of roughly 200. Surely if they were going to be in a war they would recruit more troops.

    Would I want to do something like X settlement can raise Z amount of troops based on population percent or something to that effect? I was looking at major cities from Freelands, Angmark, Angarion, Karad Iarn, perhaps mercenary companies, and probably others to be determined.

    in reply to: What Would be in an Undead Army? #8312

    Dude thanks a bunch for that your post will be a great resource. You make a good point about the borders of the Withered Lands being pretty fortified although what I got from the reading is that the cult of scaetha are stretched a little thin, is that correct? My idea was maybe that Liche-Priest guy that disappeared might come back with a fat army and overwhelm them but maybe it would make more sense if he came back from a different area.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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