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Withdrawing from Melee & Invisibility

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    Jayne Cobb

    First off I should say this is my first character in my first RPG.

    As I understand it (and after much discussion with my group/GM who has played countless RPGs) when a character ends their turn adjacent to an enemy, on the character’s next turn if they move away from that enemy they draw an attack.

    If an invisible character does the above and the enemy did not see the invisible chacter, would he still draw an attack; he had no real reason to swing his sword?

    On a side note, if a character with a weapon of reach +1 moves to 1 square away from an enemy and attacks on his turn, if that character then takes another turn before that enemy moves and the character moves away does he draw an attack even though he was never adjacent to that enemy?

    Thanks for your help!


    On the official Savage Worlds forum they say that if your only move action is to move one square away from an adjacent enemy they do not get a free attack (think of this as withdrawing).

    If you were never adjacent to them (because you had a reach weapon) they don’t get a free attack when you move.

    I’m not sure about Invisibility; I can’t remember if you weapon would be invisible as well or not

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    Retreating and Invisibility: The attacker must detect the invisible character with a Notice roll at -4 (or -6 with a raise) before he can attack him. Once detected, the invisible character can be attacked at the same penalty. The character does not have to be detected every time.

    That said, if the detection is lost somehow (GM may order another Notice roll, when this happens) or the invisible character wasn’t detected in the first place he doesn’t draw an attack while retreating.

    Any character (invisible or not) who didn’t engage an adjacent opponent doesn’t draw an Retreating attack, and could simply walk away.

    Retreating and Reach: Simple rule to remember, if you move farther than your weapon’s Reach from a (non-Shaken) opponent you are fighting, they will get a free attack.

    If an opponent with a Reach weapon attacks you from 1″ away, and you move 1″ away from him (and you do not have a Reach weapon), you do not grant a free attack for Withdrawing since you were not adjacent in the first place and eventually never were in melee.

    Also, if you have a Reach weapon and you Withdraw from an opponent without a Reach weapon, and you move only 1″ that round, you do not grant a free attack.

    Thirdly, if you have a Reach 1 weapon and you Withdraw 1″ from an adjacent opponent with a Reach 1 weapon, you do not grant a free attack as long as you only move 1″ away.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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