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The Siphoning
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    I was doing some date comparisons between key events in Rassilon and Al-Shirkuh yesterday. There are a couple of cool coincidences, but one thing really made me raise am eyebrow. Did the Siphoning really start a year earlier in Al-Shirkuh than in Rassilon?

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    Officially, it kooks like I hit the wrong digit when typing up the calendar. Should have started in 521 CJ, making it 28 years as well. Unofficially, no reason it couldn’t have started in the south and reached the north a year later. After all, no specific cause has been revealed in the canon.

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    Good to know. Always had a gut feeling that the date was a bit off, but never found the time to investigate the details.

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    Some lovely stuff in the dates. My favorite possible conspiracy theory is the start of the blizzard war coinciding with the banning of worship to the old gods in the Sultanate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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