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    The Nimbly Bush, a poem of no sense or purpose, by Wiggy

    ‘Twas there upon the nimbly bush
    Whereon the laughing goojas played
    And hoggles squawked and flidgits barked
    That all my troubles soothed away

    ‘Twas there upon the nimbly bush
    All twozzled bark and crunchly leafed
    With gumptious fruit and pockled seeds
    That all my worries passed from me

    ‘Twas there upon the nimbly bush
    Where near me sat a smiling bline
    And to his left a worthsome hoag
    And on his right a laggling tryne

    ‘Twas there upon the nimbly bush
    All three did geer and runk and said
    Although you hear our goobing whooks
    We’re only real inside your head

    ‘Twas there upon the nimbly bush
    I gingly thought with heart so glad
    That purgled though the whole thing was
    I think I shall enjoy being mad

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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