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Team Building through BattleFury!

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    At Origins (a con here in Columbus Ohio, USA), I got to play some Sundered Skies – The Fate of the Summoner. This was run by a new generation GM – (a young lady a few years out of college). I ran Argo the Orc Cleric of the Battlemaster. The tone was set for the game when I got the a Joker in the first round of the first fight and cast BattleFury with a raise, making sure all in the party were in range. Basically everyone failed and was inspired by the glory of the Battlelord. Even the mage got a glorious kill with is staff in hand to hand (for some reason, he stayed a few game inches away from my guy after that).

    The team really grew to greatness for the Battlelord. Brought a tear my Argo’s orcish eye. I think that is now my favorite spell 🙂

    Left is Death!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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