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    The new Trademark Weapon in SWADE is very cool and I think a Trademark Shield version that gives bonuses to Parry, Ranged Armour, Bashing, Push Distance, Bashing Damage… could be a cool thing. While I am at it I would like to suggest an Improved Shield Wall Edge. However I have no idea what it would do 😛 . I just like shields :P.

    Thanks for an awesome setting!


    P.S. See my post on the pinnacle forum. OBS! You need a pinnacle forum user for the link to work.


    Cool ideas, but not appropriate for Hellfrost. But no one is stopping you from introducing such an edge as a house rule.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    I see your point. Silly me! Wonder what made me think shield mechanics would be appropriate for Hellfrost

    Adventure Codex

    Rassilion Expansion

    Players Guide


    Trademark Weapon refers to offensive weapons such as swords, spears, and axes, not defensive weapons such as shields. Yes, there’s now a parry bonus in the new version, but it’s only valid for offensive weapons used as such.
    Hellfrost is based on the Norman, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon cultures where shields were used as secondary weapons (as shown in the pictures).
    Trademark Weapon for shields is not allowed in the SW core rules according to Clint, and we agree with his opinion. However, you are free to introduce it as a house rule in your game at any time.

    And generally:

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Only one person in this thread has brought up the notion of using a shield as a main damage dealing weapon or for some reason throwing one’s shied away in the middle of a fight. That person is not me. Using a shield for something other than what it is designed to do, like as a main weapon, a boomerang, a bowl for stew, polishing it off and using it as a mirror, using it instead of an umbrella, using it as a diaper changing station, a parabolic antenna, a snowboard and many more are all gargantuanly bad ideas. And I am sure there are a whole horde of experts that can make hour long completely unnecessary vids explaining the obvious to people that have been brought up by reality tv shows.

    I am from Scandinavia and have been exposed to Viking and Old Norse culture throughout my upbringing and education. I thus only see shields used for defence against an attacking foe, cover from ranged attacks and punching ones foe away. And to my knowledge this is actually the way all cultures use shields. This is also the functions Savage Worlds attributes to a shield. They furthermore attribute a set of parameters to different shields to represent how effectively they assist the wielder in accomplishing these functions. These are the parameters I suggested can be increased.

    The Trademark Weapon does not magically increase the abilities of a weapon. It represents the wielder learning the ins and outs of a specific tool and discovering how she can use them to her advantage. Using the same logic one could devise a multitude of other edges like Trademark Sixtant, Trademark Microscope, Trademark Abacus and so on. All of which give an added advantage when the tools are used as they were intended to by the person that is extra familiar with the specific item. None of them would magically make the tool do unnatural amounts of damage if used as a weapon or for some reason fly back when chucked away.

    I was really inspired by the imagery Hellfrost uses to depict shield use and how it reminds me of the Viking and Old Norse stories of my childhood. This concept is deeply ingrained in the character I play. So I thought of Trademark Shield and suggested it here so you could bring it to all your players so they can use a shield as a secondary defence weapon even more.

    You are right. I will talk to my group and GM and see if we could introduce it on our own. Silly me who thought this was a forum where one can suggest rules and other things and expected an environment where they can be logically discussed. Instead my idea is twisted and corrupted according to other people’s preconceptions and I am treated as an irritant that has to be dealt with as soon as possible. I will not do that again.

    I guess if one cannot actually discuss the rules in this forum the only other thing that’s left is praising the setting:

    Thanks for an awesome setting!

    P.S. Using a shield as an umbrella is not that bad an idea. Specially if ones foe is slightly elevated. Let me spell that out for you less you link to a vid telling me not to put lipstick in a gasoline tank or to shave with a spoon: “Trademark Umbrella Shield when Fighting an Elevated Foe”.

    TAG Wiggy

    “Silly me who thought this was a forum where one can suggest rules and other things and expected an environment where they can be logically discussed. Instead my idea is twisted and corrupted according to other people’s preconceptions and I am treated as an irritant that has to be dealt with as soon as possible. I will not do that again.”

    You’re not an irritant and I’m pretty sure Enno meant no offense. He was giving his opinion, is all.

    And thank you for your kind words about the Hellfrost setting – everyone at TAG Tower appreciates them, mate!

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    I’m sure no offence was meant either.
    Also sarcasm translates poorly into writing when the goal is the exchange of ideas so let’s keep it cordial here, shall we?
    And good to meet a fellow scandinavian here – Skål!

    Anywho there’s the Iron Guild mercenaries who reduce the gangup bonus of their enemies due to extensive training with their shields so that’s an option for shield fighting as well.

    Or how about making it more difficult to get disarmed due to shielding ones attacking arm with the shield while striking? – That’s a very common use of shields and bucklers when fighting. In fact it critical so as not to lose a perfectly good swordarm to an enemy counterattack 🙂

    I have a group of players who brought a sturdy wooden door with then into a dungeon for use as cover. I let them have a cover bonus as long as at least one of them was actively holding the damned thing up. Of course that quickly makes it completely ineffective due to the firing fro cover modifier plus the fact that one player had to spend his turn bracing it. But I can’t let go of how the scene must have looked 🙂

    Oh! and I concur with the thanks for giving us such a magnificent setting!
    Next session is on monday where a bunch of my coworkers are in for a frigid dip and a lesson in simple tactics… won’t go into details as they could potentially be TAGging along here but I look forward to putting my neoprene modular river-set and my collection of snowy plastic-pintrees to good use 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend folks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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