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    So I’m rereading Sundered Skies to start playing it, and I have a few questions.

    1. With the Claustrophobia and Glowmad Susceptible hindrances, would I be correct that Susceptible tacks on an extra -2 were as Claustrophobia just makes you spend more time outside? Example: If you spend a full 25 hours in the glow, with Claustrophobia you would only have a -8 penalty whereas with Susceptible you would have a -10.

    2. Does Glow Blind give a -1 at short range attacks, or is it only over a certain distance that the Glow distorts your vision?

    3. Does other armor stack with Oakthorn Armor? Also, shooting thorns takes an action right?

    4. When on a voyage, how much time does the crew have to spend above decks? I would assume it would be a lot since they have to constantly adjust the sails and whatnot. Is there some sort of above deck protection built, like a captains cabin where the wheel is located?

    5. When I first read SS I remember wondering how the party was suppose to complete The Mad God plot point because there is very little information about Aria. IIRC the only info about the island is that nothing casts a shadow, it is filled with worshipers of Lightbringer and glowmad, and it is surrounded by a blockade that destroys any ship that tries to land. I was very puzzled about how the party was suppose to, at first land, and then survive the barren landscape to make it to the temple. Also how did they know where the temple was, or is that just suppose to be a GM fiat type thing where they stumble upon it by chance?

    Thanks in advance. I will probably post more questions as I continue to read

    Champion of Chronos


    1. Since they stay the whole day outside, Claustrophia doesn’t really apply here. Susceptible always applies. Ergo, your calculations seem to be correct.

    On the other hand, when staying 23-24 hrs outside, it would be -4 (Base) -2 (Major Phobia) -2 (Susceptible) = -8. So there are no inconsistencies for persons with both hindrances.

    2. As the last sentence in the description says all Range penalties are increased by -1 while outdoors. So it’s 0/-3/-5 for archers with Glow Blindness.

    3. In the SW core rules armor of the same type don’t stack, so no. A Armor spell might stack, depending on the trapping.
    Shooting thorns is a normal action.

    4. Just use the Boredom rules. There are too many ship designs with more or less shady areas that any other ruling is feasible.

    5. Landing on the island could be done by stealth or a blockade run. Curious adventurers always find a way…
    Surviving is easy, because Festival is their guide in most parts, as the Savage Tale tells you. So you have a few hours randomly exploring the ruins. Then you meet Festival, dine with him and embark on a trip across the island to Lightlords fortress, which takes about 7 hours one-way. The encounter in the fortress will take about an hour or two with searching, fighting and healing.
    So this tale could be finished in about 25 hours, if they don’t take a detour.
    Since Festivals music removes all Fatigue and Glowmadness as soon as they discover the temple ruin, and Spirit is raised by 2 die steps for the next 25 hours, there is a plausible chance that they finish this tale without any raise in Glowmadness.

    BTW don’t follow the Glowmadness rules too strictly. The people in the Skies are trained since childhood to cover their bodies, and always look for shaded routes across their islands and on the ships. This is reflected in the architecture and the extensive use of canvas cover. So roll only when appropriate and the story demands it. Following the rules for Glowmadness and Boredom too strictly might lead to certain glowmadness in just the first two or three tales, as i have experienced in some of the Sky groups i played with or heard of. Read p30+ in the Companion about this topic.

    It’s a pity that Dave never published the Aria Island guide, he promised a long time ago. Maybe he will find his mojo for the Skies again and the muse gives him a big smooch someday, that he and/or Kevin finish it, and we will discover more details about Aria.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Yeah I remember reading about a possible Aria Island Guide which would have been really helpful.

    I’ll probably do something similar to Hellfrost Cold mechanics for Glowmadness, only needing to roll if they have a negative modifier.

    Champion of Chronos


    Only rolling when it is storywise appropriate (like exploring the ruins of Aria) is much easier.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet

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