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    I am eagerly waiting for the LoF book to be released. So I am curious when it shall be released? I am mainly looking at the date for non-backer’s, I was too late to do that. So, I am curious when drivethrurpg shall have it available?


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    Not until the backers’ copies have been sent, and we’re waiting on the last few items before the mail out begins. We’re confident we can meet our plan of a June release, and there are still two weeks to go. So probably 2-3 weeks for a general release, all being well.

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    *Nail biting* It’s finally coming…


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    Rest assured it IS coming!

    As soon as the core book is out, the LOF Realm Guides will enter the system. The first 19 are written, and the first 8 edited and ready to publish bar assigning a stock code.

    Adventure NF2: The Golden Queen is written (finished it at stupid o’clock this morning), but it still needs a lot of work before publication.

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    It’s getting better… 😀

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    ooh, the realms guides are done? 🙂 will they be released shortly after the core book?

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    No, the first 19 are done. 🙂 The release plan is for numbers 0 through 18 is for two releases a month, with KS backers who bought into that bundle getting their copies a week earlier than general release. The first of those will start very shortly after the book is released in the wild. You can find the contents of Realm Guides 0-18 in the archived form:

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    It should be mentioned again, that about 53 realms guides are planned.

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    Maybe not, my friend. 🙂

    The lands of Rassilon are quite different to each other. Even the nations that make up the Marklands have great cultural differences that help them stand apart. The cities within each of the four major civilized realms of Al-Shirkuh have much closer ties, despite also having great independence. Right now, the nine cities of the Al-Wazir Sultanate are in a single 88-page supplement (Realm Guide #19). The first 14 pages is the shared culture notes (including expanded material regarding the Devoted creed) and locales outside the cities’ limits, and the rest the entries for each city.

    Doing it this way means you get all the details for one of the kingdoms in one hit (rather than having to wait up to 5 months to collect, and thus use, them all), and increases the odds of (but does not guarantee) you seeing a printed Al-Wazir Sultanate Realm Guide.

    In theory, #20 will be the Caliphate, #21 the Emirates, and #22 the Kingdoms. #23 is likely to be the Heavens (star map, constellation notes, etc.). But none of these are due out for at least a year. 🙂

    Being the kind soul I am, here’s the TOC as it stands for the “common Sultanate notes.”

    – Where do all the people live?
    Social Hierarchy
    * Purity & Decay
    * Magic
    * Fate
    * Prayers
    – Common Festivals
    * Attaining Oneness
    * Faithful & the Sultanate
    – Infantry & Cavalry
    – Navy
    Law & Order
    * The Watch
    * The Courts
    – Appeals
    * Magic, Miracles, and the Law
    – Enforcement of the Law
    – Penalties
    Trade & Tribute
    Major Locales
    * Avenue of Dragons
    * The Black Temple
    * Caravanserai of Vanishing Sands
    * City of the Eagles
    * Hashish Farms
    * The Jinnistan Gate
    * The Lost Army
    * Magorian Tombs
    * The Oasis of Many Wings
    * Sanctuary of the Ark
    * The Sphinx’s Head
    * Valley of Dancing Rocks
    Persons of Note
    * Fadl ibn Iyad
    * Fikri Wise-Council
    * Jaleesh Desertwalker

    Rules of the Realm (rules common to the Sultanate)
    Universities (yes, your characters can go to school and learn stuff!)
    Military Units of the Sultanate
    New Edges (three)
    New Arcane Backgrounds (two)

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    awesome thanks for the info, wiggy 🙂

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