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    Is there any plan for the release dates of the Region Guides? I only ask as I was about to start working on planing out Jadid for my eventual Land of Fire adventure, as it will be taking place in and around the city. With a Region Guide dedicated to the city a little further down the line, I don’t want to put too much work into it and find there’s lots that is contradicted in the Region Guide.

    I had planned on drawing maps up for Old and New Jadid, as well as the surrounding area. I’d hate to miss out on some awesome stuff Wiggy has already written by building the city too early!


    IIRC it begins with the #0 – Bedu issue beginning of August. The kickstarter backers get theirs about a week earlier.

    As far as contradiction is concerned. It’s YOUR setting, so you can always igore, dismiss, change and expand stuff as you like.

    The Realm Guides build on the information already published in the LoF Settingbook. So it’s just an expansion of the things you know. You know the drill from the HF Region guides.

    Describe only the basic stuff about the city, map only the few locations you really need. This make changes much easier, than changing a metropolis described house for house. Your players would usually only experience about 10% of your stuff anyway.

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    First one (#0 Bedu) comes out August, then two per month until the first 19 are released. Jadid, City of Trade, is #13, and is currently scheduled for March 2014. My advice would be build it your way and tweak it later if you have to. Jadid is rich, so urban renewal is always an excuse. 🙂

    You’ve probably seen the TOC regarding the locations, but just in case you haven’t…

    Major Locales
    * Farming Villages
    * Jadid, New
    – The Brotherhood Safehouse
    – The Dancing Jinni
    – Great Souk
    – Goblin Quarter
    – Harbor Defenses
    – Jade Empire Trading Post
    – Temple of Marqod
    – University of the Sea
    * Jadid, Old
    – Ambassadorial District
    – City Walls
    – Emir’s Palace
    – Library of All-Knowledge
    – Public Baths
    – Shamal’s Shop of Wonders
    – University of Mercantile Studies
    – The Vault
    – The Wishing Well
    * Qanat System

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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