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    Hello I got this from Games Expo and it is a very neat, tidy, fun little game.

    However after a couple of plays whoever played a certain Halfling always seems to win.
    The one who can steal a card from another player as her usual power.
    This seems really powerful as it means you get a card and effectively nullifies another players turn and their power. The poor Halfling whose power is to take two cards and choose one is always a target as it is more than likely he has picked up a good card. The only way around it was for the other three players to gang up and all get cards at the same time so at least two get to use them or (most often) no one bothered using the action cards at all, which is half the game.

    Are we using this power correctly?
    I was surprised not to find this on BoardGamegeek.

    TAG Robin


    Thanks for picking up Halfling Feast at Expo!

    We’ll be changing this power so that it can only be used if a player has more than 1 card. You can start playing this way from now.

    However in the games we playtested I never felt this to be an unbalanced power because you can only do one action during your turn – so yes you could be stealing cards on each of your turns but that is all you are doing you won’t be eating food which is the only way to win the game!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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