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Perytons – Folklore
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    One of the things I really enjoy about Hellfrost is how our own folklore is weaved into the world. While that is nothing new, I have found the Hellfrost versions tends to stick closer to the original stories vs other games (take one look at D&D Kobold vs. Hellfrost Kobold vs. our folklore).

    That said, I though the Peryton did not quite get there in comparison to other creatures I have read. So I whipped up the following for a session I ran last night. Feel free to snag.

    Another version says long ago in a city called Peryton the citizenry was so good and righteous that they would not even acknowledged the existence of evil. While certainly it was an affront to Iblis, the other gods agreed that to deny the existence of a god was a slippery slope that should not be tolerated. They let Iblis impose a curse on the people of Peryton so long as there was some way to break it. Iblis reshaped the people into a horrid mix of eagle and deer. The deer represented their false love of good and peace, and the eagle imparted on them a desire to return to their own form. In day to day living, they are themselves as shown by their humanoid shadows. They are vegetarians as they would never harm a living thing. That is, until they encounter a humanoid of their former self. They then attack with the intent to rip their target’s heart out and devour it. It will then free them from the curse. However, Iblis is a crooked one. Committing the act taught the Perytons the meaning of evil. But it also resulted in a mortal sin. While their body return to human, their now true nature is reflected in their shadow – that of a horrid deer/eagle mix. Upon their death, their souls are now marked for Iblis.

    Left is Death!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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