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Hireling Costs
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    So a player of mine is wanting to hire a bodyguard. Now I looked through the archived forum and found a several threads and know about the mercenary pay guide in Sellswords & Soldiers, but I was wondering if higher ranked combat edges should cost more because it’s listed as all combat and leadership edges adding 2gs to the price? Are there different prices for different classes of mercenary: Heavy, Medium, or Light Infantry?

    I was planning on using the Bodyguard stat block from the Rassilon Expansion 1 with the Bodyguard edge from Expansion 2 and Block and Improved Block, which totals up to 5 edges: 2 seasoned, 2 veteran, and 1 heroic.

    The stats for a Bodyguard (from Expansion 2) are better than a regular mercenary but lower than a veteran. Again, I can’t find anything about veterans costing more but I was thinking of doubling the final total because of the Loyalty required by a bodyguard. Guessing at the price I would probably say around 100gs/week, does that sound appropriate?

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    Just coming home and being tired from a long and awesome RPG evening, i could only refer you to the Iron Guild. Take those hiring fees as the upper limit.

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    No, there’s no difference in price for various types of infantry – it keeps thing simple. 🙂 Higher Rank Edges don’t cost any more canonically – Ranks are an artificial game balancing thing, not something citizens would understand.

    Don’t forget that 100 gs a week comes to 5200 gs a year – that’s a lot of cash for an adventurer to outlay on one mercenary. 🙂 Remember that mercs cost more than regular hirelings – they don’t get room and board, and have to pay their own medical expenses and equipment repairs/replacements. A hireling would expect those things from his master in return for a lower wage. Plus he has job security – mercs have to live on their savings when not working.

    So how much should you charge? Only you know how much cash your players have lying around just begging to be used (and how much they might abuse having a hireling). 🙂

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    Sounds like an excellent role-playing opportunity as well – I assume an experienced mercenary has also picked-up a sense of what the market will bear in addition to some negotiating skills (even if they’re based partially in intimidation!).

    Once you have a sense of where you feel the benchmark ought to be, you can have your mercenary put his asking price, say, 20% higher. As Wiggy points out, your player should have a sense for what he thinks is reasonable, from there it’s his responsibility to negotiate well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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