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Here's Kudret!
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    Say hello to Kudret the Untouchable, a sand goblin entrepreneur and self-appointed crime lord. Coming to a Land of Fire product this summer!

    Kudret the Untouchable

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    Wow, that face…it’s so…full of character.

    For my campaign I’m planning on treating the sand goblins as actually being engro that had adapted to desert life and had formerly been slaves to desert orcs and goblins, but not true goblins. (Maybe the orcs and goblins forced some of the adaptations upon the former engro.) I imagined that they wouldn’t look very handsome, but man is Kudret foul looking.

    Not a criticism at all.


    I’m with wmarshal here. Great picture.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet

    TAG Wiggy

    I always imagined them as little bipedal camels, but much mangier. 🙂

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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