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Gemancy in the Land of Fire
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    Hi there.

    I am new on the forum.

    I have a question: Is gemancy known in the lands of fire? And if so, which gemstone is aligned to which deity?

    Or are there new gems there?


    Welcome to the forums. 😀

    The rules for magic gems have changed. The optional freebie gave them a constant bonus on certain skills, while according to Expansion II they now only provide a Bennie to repeat certain skill rows.

    According to the current knowledge no magical gems of that kind exist in the South. The very few in circulation were imported from Rassilon.
    Note, that despite some superficial resemblance the magical landscape of Al-Shirkuh, Rassilon, and the East are in large parts different, share no common source, and follow different rules. That’s why the Siphoning is so important because it negates these truisms.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Hi. Thank you for the answer.

    I know the new rules for gemstones from Expansion 2 and do not really like them.

    An extra benny for special rolls only (except the fatestone) made most of them extremly weak and overall a bit unbalanced.

    I liked the version from the freebie much more.

    I am not so sure that the magical traditions are that different. Yes, all regions have their own “schools” and techniques.

    I think that these learned techniques and schools (even the priests are a form of School) just help to channel the Magic which is there to use.

    Suleiman was perhaps one of the first people who recognized the pure Magic and could use Magic in the most primal form without special techniques. He trained elemental Magic (in form of Jinn Magic) because this is one of the most freeform styles and spellcasters could learn many spells, much more than any other Magic form.

    (Phew, I hope it is readable, my english is not the best.)


    With the Bennie, the new version gives you more than just another modifier. It gives you another chance that the dice roll might explode and roughly matches a modifier of +2. Not so bad for my taste, even if it can only be used once per night now (and thus fits to the norn stones from the HF Players Handbook). But its your game, and you might use any version you want. 😉

    I was talking about divine magic. It is very different in the north and south not only because of the different pantheons but of its differing sources. Both were definitely subject to changes since the catastrophes in both realms.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    If you want a non-Canon option, I just tied them to the Majin (earth) Jinn in the LoF. Here is the backstory I created:

    Majin’s Tears – Walkstone (aka – Gemstones)

    The end of the War of Copper Jars was a reckoning for the Jinn. Many Jinn were destroyed, some were banished back to Jinnistan, many were in imprisoned in the Copper Jars, and some had less limited boundaries in exchange for their repentance and sworn service.

    While all Jinn were masters, not all were as cruel and destructive as the Ifrit. The Majin (earth) Jinn were master craftsmen and creators of great works. Never a rush to judgement themselves, they appreciated the approach and thoughtfulness of Suleiman in the treatment of the Jinn. It could have been far worse, as most expected the punishments to be even in excess of what the ruling Ifrit did to their slaves.

    Some Greater Majin expressed their appreciation of Suleiman’s fair treatment by presenting him with a favored gemstone. The natural power of those gems shine through, awoken by having long been in the aura of the powerful Greater Jinn. These are known as Majin’s Tears.

    Game Effect: Walkstone – Upon spending a Bennie, once per session this apple green colored gemstone grants a reroll on the running die or movement-based Agility rolls in Chases

    Left is Death!

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