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    Old rivals in a new world!

    Created to crack down on illegal alcohol production, the Bureau of Prohibition has since been authorized to bring oil and petroleum smugglers to justice. Backed up by bloodhounds, incinerator teams, and Secret Service agents, the Bureau is locked in a vicious war against an old opponent.

    Mastermind behind the largest criminal gang in Chicago, Al Capone has proven untouchable. Protected by his capos and goons, the crimelord is not content to control most of the city-he wants it all!

    This expansion contains background information, new Wild Card characters, additional troops, and sample army lists for the Bureau of Prohibition and Capone Gang Factions. Also included are a new Interesting Locale (the Speakeasy), three Ace Tales, and two weird science vehicles—-the defensive “Electric Haven” and the offensive “Electric Arc.” Unit cards are provided for all new pedestrians and vehicles.

    Available to download now!

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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