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    My Hellfrost game has been cruising along and for the most part going quiet well. We are nearing the end of the Watchgap Fort adventure and the most experienced characters (i.e. those that have not experienced one or more character deaths) just became Veteran.

    I was reviewing the rules and noticed something that I must have read over multiple times, but apparently it never registered. Under the description of Frostborn, in the discussion of their innate hrimwisardry, the following appears: “Frostborn cannot use any other form of Arcance Background.”

    I have two Frostborn in my campaign. Both have hrimwisardy from their innate ability, but both are also paladins with the Faith skill. This would seem to be in direct violation of this statement. Somehow we all missed it. Am I reading something incorrectly?

    The two characters are arguably the most powerful party members (even before they became two of the most experienced members since they haven’t died.) One has an effective parry of 14 (accounting for displacement) and a comparable toughness.

    Is it likely that our misreading of the rules is in great part responsible for the power imbalance that we are seeing?

    If these characters are ‘illegal’, any advice on how to deal with it at this point?



    You just misread the sentence.

    Officially Frostborn cannot use any other form of Arcane Background, except Hrimwisardry and Miracles (Last sentence on p11 HFPHB begins with “If a frostborn takes an Arcane Background
    (Hrimwisardry or Miracles) Edge…”). So your heroes are on the safe side… 😉

    There may be exceptions in your game, like the frostborn Heahwisard in Heroes & Villians. But that’s on the GM of your group.

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    It’s all about the order of the sentences. 🙂 “Frostborn cannot use any other form of Arcane Background” comes after “If a frostborn takes an Arcane Background (Hrimwisardry or Miracles) Edge,” so the “cannot use” statement is a caveat to the “Hrimwisardry or Miracles” options. Thus, a frostborn’s official AB choices (without GM approval) are Hrimwisardry or Miracles, and that’s it.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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