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Djinn Blooded
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    The Voice

    First off I have to say that I’m loving the book so far and there was much discussion of the setting before our Sundered Skies game tonight.

    I do however have a question regarding the Djinn Blooded. Their Racial Edges and Hindrances have an entry that states “Still Human”, does this mean they get the extra edge or skill points that humans receive through their Diverse racial edge?


    Still Human only says, that they are still essentially human despite their abilities and heritage. They can only choose, if they are from Bedu or Hadaree descent.

    The extra edge or the 2 skill points are reserved for “pure strain” humans.

    It’s the same with the Frostborn from Rassilon.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet

    The Voice

    If this is the case what are people thoughts on the race? I feel they’re a little weak in comparison to the others.

    Their edge is a limited version of what could be considered a weaker spell (although it certainly has many uses) and their hindrance is equivalent to a limited outsider.

    Compared to humans that get an edge or two skill points the above looks to be a raw deal.

    Looking at Frostborn I can see the text that states they resemble their parents race but this isn’t in the Edges and Hindrances section whereas the Djinn Blooded’s wording is.


    LoF p3-4: “The last race, the jinn blooded, are a branch of humanity, yet many see them as a separate race. Jinn blooded have a natural affinity to one of the major types of jinn and possess strange powers over the elemental force associated with those supernatural entities. To some, they are a blessing from the greater powers. To others, they are evidence of a terrible curse.”

    If you studied the race creation guidelines from the Savage Worlds Deluxe, the racial abilities roughly add up like this:
    Distrusted = -1
    Elemental Weakness = -1
    Jinn Blood = +2 (All parts add up)
    Still Human = 0
    SUM = 0

    Typical human = +2 (compares to a Novice edge or 2 skill points)

    Sometimes you have to emphasize certain things, like a Jinn blooded still considered human. You can explain such fluff in the regular description, or in this case as a fluff racial ability.
    It depends on the preferences and stile of the author, and if you want to accentuate something.

    The difference between the frostborn and jinn blooded in this matter is, that the former are obviously not entirely human, or elven, or engro (just look at them), while the latter look almost entirely human (their heritage is just revealed, when they use their powers). That’s why the former has the fluff in his normal description, the latter as a seperate entry in his abilities.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Given that the sun of jinn-blooded = 0, while most races should wind up = +2 I think it would be fine to have the jinn-blooded still receive the human edge of either an extra edge, or 2 additional skill points.

    TAG Wiggy

    Officially, they don’t get the Human bonuses. Both Distrusted and Elemental Weakness are highly conditional, and are worth zero points in my eyes. Distrusted only affects around half the population, and then only if the hero reveals his true heritage. You move to a new village or camp, and the penalty goes away until the above conditions are met again. Elemental Weakness affects only heroes who want to take an AB, and all it does is bar one or two choices that are really just common sense — ifrits would be drawn to fire and despise water, for example.

    Jinn Blooded may only grant two powers, both restricted in scope and fixed by Rank, but they are still two powers. Most ABs have similar restrictions, and no arcane skill die need be purchased (unlike with frostborn). Even at +1 each it’s a bargain, especially if you decide to play a spellcaster without normal access to those powers.

    Still Human is merely a reminder that these are normal members of society, not a separate subculture. Whereas frostborn form their own communities because they are reviled, jinn blooded fit in most of the time. Even among fanatical Faithful, they’re only distrusted, not hated.

    Naturally, if you think they’re underpowered for your games, then feel free to change them by allowing the Human bonuses.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

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