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Character "levels" in The Great Game Campaign

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    I have the core book of LOA along with The Dragons of London adventure and the two ‘The Great Game Campaign” scenarios that are out. I and my fellow rpgers have not used the ubiquity system before so have no base to answer the following question.

    Looking at the pre-gened character sheets in the core book and Dragons campaign it looks like they are not base gen’d characters but higher level.

    If I was to have a group play the Great Game Campaign could it be done with them at the base level from newly generated base 0 characters?

    Also, a few years ago you posted that 4 scenarios of the Great Game Campaign had been written and were ready to publish but they have not. Will they be published in the future or should I plan on expanding the arc myself?


    TAG Wiggy

    The characters in the core book are starting level. They might appear stronger than normal because their four 0-level Skills have been assigned extra levels, which effectively gives them 17 Skill points. The characters in Dragons are actually under powered versions of those in the core rule.

    You should be able to run The Great Game with starting level heroes – it was designed for them.

    As for whether the remaining adventures will see print, that’s trickier. Folk often cry out for scenarios, but when they’re made available sales are poor. As a business, we have to weigh up what is the best use of our resources. For now, you’d best plan on expanding the arc yourself, as there are no plans for the adventures to b published this year.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    Thanks Wiggy.

    The four 0-level skills did seem to be curve balls…glad I seem to understand the character build rules enough to realise something was a bit weird.

    Fully understand the scenario issue…will get thinking cap on!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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