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Can we get a Kick Starter for an "Atlas of the Land of Fire" ?

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    I’m going to chime in here and say that I’m very happy with the Atlas, and I do not begrudge Rob or Wiggy the time it took them to get it right. All things considered being a few months late with the printed product is something that at times happens, and this was to a scale beyond anything else in Hellfrost, and maybe fantasy RPGs in general.

    I was a fan that dropped hints ( that I think they should produce some more detailed maps before the Atlas kickstarter came to be. Given the blood, sweat and tears TAG put into making the Atlas happen I hope they don’t resent my earlier suggestions, and I hope that they don’t immediately put into the trash any suggestions I come up with later. (“Ugh, that guy again!”)

    With that said, I personally don’t feel the same need for an Atlas of Al-Shirkuh, that I did for Rassilon. I like the Land of Fire setting, but I’ve yet to run it, and somehow the topography of Al-Shirkuh seems to need detailed maps less. I’m sure that others feel differently. Some city maps would be cool, which I think we may be getting in some possible future City Books. At this point I’m mostly eager for the Land of Water to be revealed.

    Please keep up the fantastic work!

    TAG Wiggy

    Fear not, mate. Rob and I are both very proud to have the Atlas out there.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    I think, we all can agree to sit back for a while, ponder on the experiences and reload our batteries. The pitfalls are identified and if TAG someday finds the ressources to finally realize an Atlas of Al-Shirkuh, it would run much more smoothly and will be on “on time” as usual for their projects. Remember how long it took you to take such a project into consideration. IIRC i suggested it when the first Region Guides came out. So i’m content to wait another 2-3 years to see Land of Water come a reality, and then i might ask for it again.

    High Priest of Hoenir & Champion of Qedeshet


    Sooo, next week then?

    All kidding aside – the Rassilon atlas is wonderful and do not let the internet folk get to you. The book exceeded expectations. You kept us up to date on a complex project and it was worth the wait (and hopefully lessons learned).

    At this point, I would take Land of Water (kinda funny) before a LoF Atlas, but of course I want both :).

    Left is Death!

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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