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    Do I need the original Hellfrost setting book to play this or is it a stand alone game?


    From the archive forums…

    If you’re new to Hellfrost and are wondering which of the many products you need to play Land of Fire, here’s a quick summary of each one. If you’re looking to play in the frozen northern lands, you need to click here. Remember, you’ll need a copy of the Savage Worlds rules as well!

    * Land of Fire: Naturally you’ll need the Land of Fire book.

    * Hellfrost Player’s Guide and Bestiary: These two core books are essential. Land of Fire does not repeat material from these books. Please note that the LOF Player’s Guide is not the same thing as the HF Player’s Guide.

    That is all you need to play. Everything that follows is optional.


    Adventures: We’ll be producing adventures for a variety of character Ranks.

    Canvas Map: A large, full color map printed on canvas. Not essential, but a great prop for players and a handy tool for GMs.

    Hellfrost Realm Guides: Each realm in the Land of Fire gazetteer section will be expanded upon in a realm guide. You don’t have to buy them all (though you’re welcome to). They’re written so you just grab the ones you want for the areas in which your campaign is taking place. Note that they don’t repeat basic bazetteer information.

    Resource Management*: Rules for governing a Resource, be that a noble’s estates, a temple, or a mercenary outfit. Very handy for nobles and heroes with the Rich Edge. These rules appear in the Hellfrost Expansion.

    Resource Spells*: Rules for miracles that affect an entire community.

    * These products are for the northern continent. A Land of Fire update covering both Resource Management and Resource Spells will be published. It does NOT repeat the existing material.

    Freebies: There is a lot of free material available from the download section of the website that can be used in LOF with little or no tinkering. Some of it is optional, some of it is core expansion material. Each document tells you where it stands in terms of being official or not.
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    And here’s why you need the HF Players’ Guide and Bestiary (in case you were wondering). Don’t forget there is a 25% discount on all TAG products bought through the webstore for another two days. Just enter happybirthday for the coupon code during checkout.

    * LOF isn’t a standalone setting. It’s an integral part of the world, and the history is directly tied to events in the north. Cults and organizations from the north can be found in the desert, as well.

    * Having two core books means we don’t need to repeat shared entries, like Edges, Hindrances, magic, spells, and monsters. It also means we don’t need to copy every northern deity or organization write-up that we want to reference in LOF. To include these would add large numbers of pages, and raise the RRP accordingly.

    * By not including common/shared material in LOF, it means that a change to a shared entry in the future doesn’t require every setting book to be republished or have errata.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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