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    From my Campaign post, you might have noticed a mention of the Sand Mage with a keen interest in sand. He purchased sand from the Heart of Fire and it will grant him a minor boost to his offensive spells when used (chance of the target to catch on fire). Note – it was the player’s idea – I just threw out there there are alchemical items that you can get and if you have an idea we can make it work. He threw out “I am interested to see if different sand has an effect on casting his spells” and that started me down this path.

    That got me thinking about expanding the concept. For example, from their first fight in the desert perhaps the sand from Ghibli might be a very evil such that when used it strips the bone clean if you kill someone outright with a chance to rise up as Flayed One. Basically, I would use this as a form of treasure that I think this PC/player would really enjoy. Mostly it will be giving out a pound or two of sand here and there that adds an additional trapping onto his normal spells (or perhaps allows a d8 wild die to cast a spell for especially pure sand from the deepest part of the Dune Sea for example). I might have a scale that is kinda like the Herbalism search aspect (take a penalty and you might find especially rare sand in a various regions).

    I never thought sand would be a treasured thing in a desert setting, but the character has an interesting backstory and approach to his character. He even has a 1lb bag of sand at the table for a prop. So when a player is into something, its always best to run with it IMO.

    Before I do so, I just wanted to check that you fine folks had not already done something like that in one of the voluminous regional guides (heh, searching on “sand” is not all that helpful…). I have not seen anything in my scan through but want to be sure.


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    Keep it simple. Take such sands as simple casting trappings. I wouldn’t go beyond the usual +/-1 or 2 situational modifiers or adding the effects of other trappings just for this special kind of sand. For instance, i would add the Fire trapping to the sands Dust trapping. Since such sands are a rare commoditiy or hard to get, i see no problem with it.

    However, players tend to exploit such things shamelessly, so i would place limits on the availability. So, said “fire sand” from the Heart of Fire can only be found there on a certain day of year, or in the case of a “ghibli sand” you have to survive one.

    There are certain sands, like the shock sand mentioned in the guides.

    Go with the players idea. It doesn’t break the rules, the player is happy, and it could be a lot of fun to put him into perilious situations just to get sands with special properties. 😉

    Wouldn’t use special “searching rules” though. If the player comes up with the idea that there might be sand with special properties in the area, let him look for it. If he rolls a raise, he gets 1d3-1 portions of the sand (in the case of 0 there are only traces of such sands available, not enough for a spell or alchemical item).

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    I like it. If it was me as the player I would be worried about exploits. I know the player well and he probably is not one to do so.

    I was planning to look through the hazards (I recall a good number of them). Funny thing – he was rather disturbed by the Sandstorm in a Bottle I tried to sell him (Whirlwind with a sand trapping). Although, it was rich in price given they are just starting out.

    This should be pretty fun for the PC.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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