Take a Road Trip in this new Adventure for Daring Tales of the Sprawl!

TAG10605_thumbDaring Tales of the Sprawl #05: Road Trip

Put on those shades, run a self-diagnostic on your implanted chrome and prepare to hit the mean streets!

A naïve man of learning hires the heroes for a “road trip” with a couple of entertaining diversions.

A road trip – a simple job.

Simple? Yeah right!

Nothing is ever simple in the Conurbation or on the open road when a major corporation is involved.

Chased by corporate pursuers and harassed from all sides, can the heroes make good on their task and is the trip quite what it seems?

Welcome to a brand new tale for the highly-acclaimed Daring Tales of the Sprawl adventure series!

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Posted on December 12, 2012 in Daring Tales of the Sprawl

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