Ironclads Live on Kickstarter

Ironclads the table top ship-vs.-ship wargame is now live on Kickstarter! The game is fully 3D printable and is designed for resin printing at home.

The game includes a tried-and-tested rules system to help you battle with your friends’ fleets and wage war against your chosen enemies.

At launch, Ironclads has three nations – the British Empire, German Empire, and United States of America. Each nation, referred to as a Faction, has four standard hull types: gunboat, destroyer, cruiser, and battleship. Each of these can be customized simply by paying for statistics, assigning generic or Faction-specific armaments, and finally using neodymium magnets to attach the weapons.

During the campaign there will be 30 daily upgrades, not to mention a wealth of stretch goals to greatly expand your fleets.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting new chapter for Triple Ace Games!

The kickstarter can be found here:


Posted on December 13, 2021 in Company News

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