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Dwarven Beerfest has LAUNCHED!!


We’re tavin’ a good time – let the pub crawl begin!

We’ve got some additional good news as well! UK and German backers will have free shipping and we’ve managed to subsidise the US as well.

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Welcome to this issue of The Steaming Boozehound, Merriton’s best, and arguably only, news sheet for fun-loving, hard-drinking dwarves! In this issue, we talk about the types of cards in Dwarven Beerfest and how they are used. And remember, any time is Halfling Honey Wine time!

Cards in DB


At the start of each round, the Starting Player draws two Tavern cards and picks one of them. This determines which tavern the gang visits, and each tavern has unique rules that change the game in some way.


In order to win, a dwarf needs to consume drink. Lots of drink. Each Drinks Phase, a player selects Drinks cards from the deck and stops when they think they can safely consume those beverages (or feel they’ve pushed their luck to the limit!).

Last Orders

There’s only one Last Orders card in the game. It’s inserted into the last part of the Drinks cards (always leaving drinks for the final round), so you never know exactly when the tavern keeper will throw you out on the cobbled street and the crawl sadly ends. When Last Orders is called (i.e. the card is revealed), everyone gets a final round to buy and quaff their drinks.

Double-Sided Dwarves

Every dwarf has two aspects – sober and drunk. The state of inebriation determines which dice the dwarf uses to hold their drink. As an added risk or opportunity, a sober dwarf can elect to go berserk, allowing them to pick two drinks at once!


Action cards allow you to change the rules. They might aid your dwarf or hamper a rival.

This is a really important project for Triple Ace Games and we really need every TAG fan to back this one!

We’ve worked really hard to keep postage down to a minimum and FREE in some cases so please, please help us get to the stretch goals and make Dwarven Beerfest the best it can be!

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