Hellfrost: Land of Fire News Archive
Game Geek reviews Land of Fire
Monday 12th May 2014

Kurt Weigel of Game Geeks shrugs off the last of winter and takes a peek inside the covers of Land of Fire. Catch his informative video here.

Realm Guide #13: Jadid, City of Trade Released
Thursday 1st May 2014

 Welcome, noble strangers, to the City of Trade! Portrayed by storytellers as a city of endless opportunity, Jadid, City of Trade and Gateway to the Jade Empire, is nothing of… more »

Realm Guide #12: The Mirrorsands Released
Sunday 13th April 2014

The Mirrorsands is one of the holiest sites in Al-Shirkuh. Here Suleiman single-hand­edly defeated the jinn, bringing an end to the War of Copper Jars. Pilgrims flock here in great… more »

Sample Characters
Monday 10th March 2014

We’ve put up 8 sample characters to help get you started. All are Novice Rank with no advancements. Although the characters were included as part of N1: The Curse of… more »

Realm Guide #10: Plains of Ash released
Monday 10th March 2014

Once the home of the cakali, once a center of enlightenment and invention, once a green and pleasant land, the Plains of Ash is now a blasted wasteland, a testament… more »

OUT NOW in PDF! Land of Fire Tales from the Sands
Friday 7th March 2014

After a very successful Kickstarter Triple Ace Games is proud to announce the release of the PDF version of Tales from the Sands. We are now getting the print version… more »

Realm Guide #9: The Great Dune Sea released
Monday 24th February 2014

A land of howling wind, monstrous sand dunes, no standing water, and an ever-chang­ing landscape, the Great Dune Sea is widely regarded as a wasteland. Within the dunes, so legends… more »

Resource Management & Miracles Update
Sunday 23rd February 2014

A 9-page update to the Resource Management & Resource Miracles rules (available to buy as the Hellfrost Resource Pack) for Land of Fire is now available to download absolutely FREE.

Funded, but still available!
Wednesday 19th February 2014

Thanks to your support we’ve successfully completed our second Kickstarter, and at over 200%! But there’s good news if you weren’t able to pledge. Although we’ve fully funded Tales from… more »

Land of Fire Action Deck – New Kickstarter Add On!
Tuesday 11th February 2014

Land of Fire Action Deck – available as a new add on for our Tales from the Sands Kickstarter! We are pleased to announce the Land of Fire Action Deck!… more »

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