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Realm Guide #23: Al-Korsar released!
Tuesday 14th July 2015

The southern coast of Al-Shirkuh is plagued by corsairs. Some of these pirates and smugglers are independent. Most are denizens of Al-Korsar, an infamous warren of villainy and scum that… more »

Realm Guide #22: The Kingdoms of the Sphinxes
Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Welcome, lord of generosity, to the land of living gods! Other races and cultures boast greater antiquity, but at 1,900 years, the Kingdoms of the Sphinxes is the oldest nation… more »

Realm Guide #21: The Free Emirate States
Thursday 12th March 2015

Welcome, welcome, to the Free Emirate States, home of the free and gateway to the frozen northern lands! Be you adventurer, storyteller, or sage, many wonders await! Will you search… more »

Region Guide #20: The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh
Wednesday 12th November 2014

Welcome one and all to the Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, a land where the Faithful have found paradise! For just a handful of lowly coins this marvelous guide book will detail the many… more »

Realm Guide #19: The Al-Wazir Sultanate
Wednesday 27th August 2014

Welcome one and all to the Al-Wazir Sultanate, the physical manifestation of Suleiman’s dream! For just a few dinars this marvellous guide book will detail the many delights of our great… more »

Realm Guide #18: Jubbah, City of Monkeys
Monday 21st July 2014

Unknown to the outside world yet claiming to exist for millennia, and populated by talking simians mentioned in no musty records, until recently Jubbah was isolated from the outside world… more »

Realm Guide #17: The Snakelands of Old
Monday 30th June 2014

For two millennia the snakemen of old have been spoken of only as ghosts, for it has long been known they were destroyed by the armies of mighty Hekata. If… more »

Realm Guide #16: Realm of the Medusae released
Monday 16th June 2014

For thousands of years the medusae have slumbered beneath the Statue Hills, waking only once every century or so to check on their minions and put their long-term plans into… more »

Realm Guide #15: The Salt Marsh released
Monday 26th May 2014

 The verdant landscape of the Salt Marsh has lured many a curious traveler to his death. For sure it is rich in ruins untouched by human hands, but it is… more »

Realm Guide #14: The Scorpion Lands of Old released
Wednesday 14th May 2014

Older than the race of men, the scorpionmen have haunted the wide valley and steep hills for millennia. Countless times they have risen to power and fallen into slavery. Once… more »

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