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Ironclads Live on Kickstarter

Monday 13th December 2021

Ironclads the table top ship-vs.-ship wargame is now live on Kickstarter! The game is fully 3D printable and is designed for resin printing at home.

The game includes a tried-and-tested rules system to help you battle with your friends’ fleets and wage war against your chosen enemies.

At launch, Ironclads has three nations – the British Empire, German Empire, and United States of America. Each nation, referred to as a Faction, has four standard hull types: gunboat, destroyer, cruiser, and battleship. Each of these can be customized simply by paying for statistics, assigning generic or Faction-specific armaments, and finally using neodymium magnets to attach the weapons.

During the campaign there will be 30 daily upgrades, not to mention a wealth of stretch goals to greatly expand your fleets.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting new chapter for Triple Ace Games!

The kickstarter can be found here:


Official Ironclads Page on Facebook

Monday 12th July 2021

Welcome admirals!

We’ve launched an official Ironclads page on Facebook, where we’re showing previews of the many miniatures and details from the Fleets Manuals.

For those of you who want more, we have a Kickstarter page where you can log your interest in preparation for the forthcoming Kickstarter.

Shards of Madness coming to Kickstarter

Wednesday 14th October 2020

You assemble the coven and begin the dark ritual…

As the insidious ritual reaches its frantic conclusion, your wild and ominous chanting fills the silent night. As the ritual reaches its horrifying conclusion, a tear in reality forms before you! A profane creature crawls through the rent, shattering your mind. This unholy knowledge was not meant for mere human minds! The further you delve into the Cthulhu Mythos, the looser your grip on reality becomes.

Welcome to Shards of Madness!

Secrets of the Cthulhu Mythos unfurl with the discovery of sealed gates. Crystals are the key to unlock these gates which bring forth cultists and items of great power to summon horrifying and ancient creatures from beyond. 

Players compete to summon object and creature cards by gathering crystals and using these resources to create mana to cast the spells materialize them. After a player has summoned six cards or when a deck runs out, the game ends and the player with the highest value of all their cards wins the game!

Game contents:

55 Large Cards (Tarot Size 70 * 120mm)

4 Player Boards (200mm Diameter)

75 Large Crystals

1 Drawstring Bag

1 Cultist Standee (Leo the Elder)

1 Rules Book (16pp)

Shards of Madness is Coming to Kickstarter on 20th October 2020

To signup for the launch click here for our preview:

New Year New Cthulhu Badges!

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Brand new Cthulhu Badge Kickstarter!

Triple Ace Games released 2 previous sets of Cthulhu themed badges which were very well received by our fans!

project image

The first set featured 5 insidious mythos tomes and the second set focused on 5 hideous mythos cults!


We’re back and this time we’ve created a set of five NEW hard enamel badges and we’ve got 3 new mythos tome badges and 2 new cult badges for you!

We’ll be launching this kickstarter in the next few days so watch out for it when it goes live and please please come and back our project!

Spiel 2019

Wednesday 16th October 2019

The boys are back in town! That’s right, it’s time for us to pack up the van and head across the waters to Essen!

Not only will we have physical copies of Exploriana for to play and buy, but we’ll also have demos of the crazy beer-fuelled fun that is Dwarven Beerfest. You’ll even get chance to see what we keep in the beer barrel of endless ale! (may not contain contain ale or be endless)

Wait, there’s more! All our card and board games will include German rules, so the language is removed.

Catch us at HALL 6, BOOTH 113 for the whole four days of gaming goodness!

Dwarven Beerfest LIVE on Kickstarter!

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Dwarven Beerfest has LAUNCHED!!


We’re tavin’ a good time – let the pub crawl begin!

We’ve got some additional good news as well! UK and German backers will have free shipping and we’ve managed to subsidise the US as well.

To back now head over to Kickstarter!

prject image

Welcome to this issue of The Steaming Boozehound, Merriton’s best, and arguably only, news sheet for fun-loving, hard-drinking dwarves! In this issue, we talk about the types of cards in Dwarven Beerfest and how they are used. And remember, any time is Halfling Honey Wine time!

Cards in DB


At the start of each round, the Starting Player draws two Tavern cards and picks one of them. This determines which tavern the gang visits, and each tavern has unique rules that change the game in some way.


In order to win, a dwarf needs to consume drink. Lots of drink. Each Drinks Phase, a player selects Drinks cards from the deck and stops when they think they can safely consume those beverages (or feel they’ve pushed their luck to the limit!).

Last Orders

There’s only one Last Orders card in the game. It’s inserted into the last part of the Drinks cards (always leaving drinks for the final round), so you never know exactly when the tavern keeper will throw you out on the cobbled street and the crawl sadly ends. When Last Orders is called (i.e. the card is revealed), everyone gets a final round to buy and quaff their drinks.

Double-Sided Dwarves

Every dwarf has two aspects – sober and drunk. The state of inebriation determines which dice the dwarf uses to hold their drink. As an added risk or opportunity, a sober dwarf can elect to go berserk, allowing them to pick two drinks at once!


Action cards allow you to change the rules. They might aid your dwarf or hamper a rival.

This is a really important project for Triple Ace Games and we really need every TAG fan to back this one!

We’ve worked really hard to keep postage down to a minimum and FREE in some cases so please, please help us get to the stretch goals and make Dwarven Beerfest the best it can be!

Summer Sale

Friday 23rd August 2019
TAG Summer Sale!
We don’t know if its the unseasonable warmth or the heavy rain that tells us summer is here. What we do know is that we’ve got our summer sale on! Technically we have two sales on, depending on whether the you want PDF or print! So if you’re a fan of Savage Worlds or Ubiquity, or just a gaming in general, there’s time to grab a bargain!
From now until 21st September 2019, there is 50% off PDF products (including our popular TAG@Ten bundles) at DriveThruRPG and 25% off print products at the TAG webstore.

Just the Wild Dice!

Wednesday 14th August 2019
We’ve heard and we’ve listened to the fans!
The Exploding Dice Kickstarter now has a pledge level for just the custom d6 – none of the other polyhedrals. You can grab all ten of those cool dice, or any designs you want up to ten in quantity, for just £22 for the next 36 hours or £25 after that.

Exploding Dice have launched!

Tuesday 13th August 2019

Be the envy of your gaming group with these specially crafted Exploding Dice! Each set has a second six-sided die with a logo replacing the 6, so not only can you immediately tell when they explode (not literally, of course!) but they look cool when the maximum is rolled!

Triple Ace Games has teamed up with Dice Dudes to produce ten different sets of polyhedral dice, each featuring a second six-sided die with a custom face showing a unique symbol for the six. We are seeking your backing to bring this project to life!

We’re calling these packs Exploding Dice Sets and they are perfect for use in games that use a wild die or exploding dice mechanic, such as the wonderful Savage Worlds RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Exploding Dice Sets

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Triple Ace Games has teamed up with Dice Dudes to produce ten different sets of polyhedral dice, each featuring a second six-sided dice with a custom face showing a unique symbol for the six.

We are seeking your backing to bring this project to life!

We’re calling these packs Exploding Dice Sets and they are perfect for use in games that use a wild die or exploding dice mechanic, such as the wonderful Savage Worlds RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Each of the custom dice feature a uniquely designed symbol that relates to a genre or recognisable theme and adds flavour to your RPG sessions! Whether you’re into gritty Western games, pulp swords-and-sandals, or noir gangster settings we’ve got something for you!

We’ve chosen carefully the colors and designs so that each pack really stands out on the table! The colors we have decided allow the exploding dice to take center stage.

To pledge for one set is £8 ($10)

Launching 13th August 2019


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