tag crowns

The current value of the TAG Crown is:

One TAG Crown

Earn more TAG Crowns by:

1. Playing in a TAG demo.

2. Buying a product from the TAG show booth.

3. Sharing a post about a TAG product on twitter, facebook or instagram.
(once per day, you must come to our booth to collect your crown and show the TAG team your post.)

tag crowns


Invented by the boffins in the back room at Triple Ace Games ltd, Tag Crowns are a real world currency which you can get by playing our demos, visiting our show booth and buying our fabulous games!

The value of the TAG Crown is based on British pounds & pennies and the value will fluctuate during the show!

The value is calculated based on the number of TAG Crowns in circulation, the more that you and your friends get in circulation the greater each individual TAG Crown is worth!
Each TAG Crown surrended during a sale will effect the price in a negative way. The value is calculated every 15 minutes.

Remember the value can go DOWN as well as UP!