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Incinerator Handbook

Love them or hate them, few citizens or Church officials deny the Incinerators have played their part in helping rid Salus of the Rephaim. Time after time, the brave Knights of the Ordo have delivered cleansing holy fire to the enemy. To some, they are true heroes of the faith, prepared to wade into the heart of darkness to purify Salus. To others, they are nothing more than pyromaniacs given license to wield fire.

Inside you’ll find: an expanded history, information on how the Ordo recruits new members and finances its scattered forces, details on the various Chapters, a tour of noted facilities, a range of hardware, sample Wild Card and Extra characters, background details on famous units, and plenty of new options for creating player character Incinerators.

Author: Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams

Page Count: 32

Incinerator Handbook
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