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Guide to Walking Dead

Commanded by magic or weird science, the worm-ridden dead do not rest easily in the grave.

From skeletons and zombies to ghouls and Frankensteins’ monsters, the walking dead take many ghastly forms.

Commanded by foul sorcerers or deranged weird scientists, or driven by base instincts, their numbers might be legion were it not for the bravery of the Leagues of Adventure.

Contents include an overview of mankind’s historical interaction with the walking dead; how the various walking dead might be created; diabolical powers the Gamemaster can use to create unique specimens; a bestiary of fiendish creatures; and a number of walking dead villains with ghastly plans and motives of their own.

IMPORTANT: This product was initially offered as a Kickstarter stretch goal but failed to unlock. We have chosen to release it anyway, but all the interior art is identical. When we get the art funded, customers who have purchased the book will receive a free update.

Author: Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams

Page Count: 64

Guide to Walking Dead
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