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Hellfrost Dice Set – PRE-ORDER

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Whether you’re a gamer or a collector, you can never have enough dice!

Our aim is to create a set of Viking-themed polyhedral dice. This set of dice will fit seamlessly into any Norse or Viking themed RPG setting! All we need to make them a reality is your help!

The Viking-themed set contains a d4, a d6, a d8, a d10 (00-90) a d10 (0-9), a d12, and a d20. We are also offering a green d6 Wild Die with a unique symbol on the “6” face for Savage Worlds and a green d20 for use as an advantage dice with the D&D 5th Edition ruleset. If you need these dice for your game, they can be added to your pledge level.

We have been working carefully with our manufacturer to design a set of dice that will be custom manufactured and cast in high quality resin to our specifications.The designs will beĀ pre-painted with deep engraved surfaces.

Viking Dice Project Launch Image


Dice will be available in three colors – blue, red, and yellow – on a black base color.

Wooden Dice Box

In addition to the dice, we’re offering a custom-made, rune-engraved wooden box in which to keep your precious polyhedrals. Externally, the box measures 11 cm/4.3″ (w) x 8 cm/3.1″ (d) x 6 cm/2.36″ (h), and is large enough to hold SEVEN complete sets of 16mm dice. There is no danger of the contents accidentally spilling out due to its locking mechanism.

Please note the box is only available in Ice Blue.

wooden dice box copy

A Note on Stretch Goals which we are unlocking during the Kickstarter campaign.

Anyone pre-ordering the viking dice will get all the stretch goal dice that have been unlocked included for free in their order!


Shipping Zones:

1 = UK

2 = Europe

3 = USA

4 = ROW

5 = Canada

Hellfrost Dice Set
Product Options
#OptionPriceSale PriceDownloadFile SizeWeight
11 Set of x7 Polyhedral Dice (Blue)$16.00 0.50 lbs
21 Set of x7 Polyhedral Dice (Red)$16.00 0.50 lbs
31 Set of x7 Polyhedral Dice (Yellow)$16.00 0.50 lbs
4x1 Wild Dice Add-On (Green)$2.50 0.00 lbs
5x1 D20 Advantage (Green)$2.50 0.00 lbs
6x1 Viking Wooden Dice Box (Ice Blue)$31.00 0.50 lbs
(Shipping Zones by Country)
WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
0.10 lbs$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.50
0.20 lbs$3.99$4.99$3.99$4.99$8.00
0.50 lbs$5.00$6.00$5.00$7.00$9.00

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