“AGE OF STEAM” Gold Promo Cards

We’re really excited about reaching the half way point in our campaign!

We want to thank all those who have backed to date!

So we want to give our early backers something special with a brand new reward. We have designed a special set of themed rocket component cards! The “Age of Steam” gold promo cards set includes a Refurbished Locomotive for a capsule, High Pressure Steam Jet for propulsion and Steam Vents for a steering mechanism! The gold ‘look’ backgrounds will stand out from the other component cards in the deck and the artwork featured on the cards will be commissioned from the same artist at the end the of campaign. “Age of Steam” Gold Promo Card Set “Age of Steam” Gold Promo Card Set.

Each individual card works as a standard rocket component but together they add a reliability bonus due to their engineering compatibility!

So how do you get these cards? Simple if your one of the first 120 who have already backed the project then you will automatically get them! Once we hit 120 backers this set of promo cards will no longer be available during the kickstarter campaign or after – so make sure you don’t miss out and pledge today!

Posted on October 12, 2014 in Rocket Race

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