Leagues of Cthulhu: Guide to Afghanistan Preorder OPEN

Frequently conquered but never tamed, Afghanistan keeps its secrets safe – until now.

A crossroads for cultures and ideas for millennia, Afghanistan and its people are little understood by the great European Powers who fight to bring this land into their empires. Once a center of Zoroastrian and Buddhist learning, there are religions far older than humanity still thriving in the deep valleys and high mountains. Now the veil of ignorance has been lifted and the secret history and ageless lore of this timeless land can be revealed.

This supplement for Leagues of Cthulhu explores Afghanistan in the Late Victorian Era. Contents include:

  • A history of the region stretching back to the dawn of time.
  • An overview of the Afghan culture.
  • A new League of Adventure and eldritch book.
  • Details on 11 ancient sites, 6 natural features, and 6 settled areas.
  • Write ups for the Brethren of the Silent Fire, the Darkness from the Void, generic monstrous tentacles, Peachey Carnehan (with the head of Daniel Dravot), stock characters, sample henchmen, and a sample globetrotter.

Leagues of Cthulhu is powered by the Ubiquity game engine and requires both Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror.

PREORDER includes both print and PDF

PREORDER will release in late SEPTEMBER

After preorder this product will be on general release at a higher price point.

Leagues of Cthulhu: Guide to Afghanistan PREORDER

Posted on July 31, 2019 in Leagues of Gothic Horror

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