Bundle of Holding – Hellfrost!

The latest Bundle of Holding is devoted to… HELLFROST!

If you’ve been eyeing up the setting but are undecided, this is your chance to grab a load of products at a great price! This offer runs until Tuesday, October 6. If you’d care to mention this offer among your social circles, we’d take it as a favor!

View the complete bundle here!

The line-up:

(US$8.95 – retail value $34)
Hellfrost Player’s Guide ($15)
+ Hellfrost Starter Pack (free)
[+ Savage Worlds Test Drive (free)]
Arcane Lore ($9)
Heroes & Villains Compendium ($10)
(threshold starts at $19.95 – retail value $70)
Bestiary ($20)
Gazetteer ($20)
Adventure Compendium I ($15)
Encounters Book 1 ($15)

Retail price: $105

Posted on September 18, 2015 in Hellfrost

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