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    TAG Robin

    I suggest you look at getting some other software to do what you want to do in the first place – we use Photoshop which is expensive but you can get these for free:

    Then you can import the document as you had planned without losing quality.

    You could also just start playing and if the players like the setting then buy the map sheets!


    in reply to: Custom Hellfrost Dice #7691

    TAG Robin

    @Mongolia Jones

    Although this dice set is very much intended for Hellrost we are making it more generic as a dice set for any viking style RPG. So we’re not going to change the design of every dice as a custom for Savage Worlds. The wild die is an add on for Savage Worlds players. Although we have a good core of Hellfrost players we need to appeal to a greater audience.

    Best wishes

    in reply to: Custom Hellfrost Dice #7671

    TAG Robin

    Okay taking further comments on board I’ve gone ahead and made a 3rd iteration of the Viking themed dice so this 3rd set includes more runes!

    Again I’m looking for constructive feedback I want to get these dice to be as good as I can get them.

    in reply to: Custom Hellfrost Dice #7668

    TAG Robin

    Well Enno – we never say never! But lets see how we get on with the Viking set for Hellfrost. Any other comments gratefully recieved

    in reply to: Custom Hellfrost Dice #7664

    TAG Robin

    I’ve been doodling around with the dice design and have another set for you guys an gals to look at:

    Its based on the Tiwaz symbol – tried to increse readability of the numbers. Including a more viking style font.

    Your thoughts?

    in reply to: Custom Hellfrost Dice #7647

    TAG Robin

    We’ve seen a few people mention Q workshop dice – just so you guys know we are not using q workshop to make these dice.

    Their dice are not engraved as deeply as the process we’ll be using. I think it means they can get more detail into their designs. The sample d6’s we had made have deep engraving it also means that tolerences have to be carefully observed so we can’t just shrink things – it would screw up the tolerences.

    The symbolism on the dice is based upon norse and viking design and echoes the designs created by me in Hellfrost. Our aim here is to create a dice set which fits snugly into the Hellfrost setting but will also have broader appeal for use in other norse/vikingesque settings. We will be releasing this set with a extra d6 ‘wild die’ which will stand out from the rest of the set just to cater for the SW gang.

    The font sizes on the dice are actually larger than the font size in the Hellfrost books!

    I will see if we can make the font larger still on the d4 and d20. However we all know that whatever we do it will not match everyone’s expectations.

    in reply to: Custom Hellfrost Dice #7640

    TAG Robin

    This is good feedback guys!

    I need specifics though are you saying all the numbers or just the d20? Can’t make the numbers too big otherwise it would be just numbers! What’s the point in custom dice with just Numbers?

    in reply to: How long has the archived forums been down? #7508

    TAG Robin

    Just checked the archived forum and found the error – the database needed a clean.

    Should be fine now – do a hard refresh if it still gives an error.

    TAG Robin

    Hey guys

    Its good to see you all discussing this and it always amazes me the passion for the setting from the fans!

    Personally, i don’t feel i have the creative energy to create a new atlas any time soon. The atlas of the north really took a lot out of me. It was blood, sweat and tears for months and months. Not that I’m saying I regret setting out on this journey, on the contrary its been worth the blood, sweat and tears!

    I am so happy with the finished book and glad the majority of the backers are happy with the results.

    However, because I took so much longer to complete the book the delivery was a year late, which I have apologised many times for. But because of this it also makes me hesitant to dive into another large project like the atlas. It seems most fans were happy ‘in the end’ and I’m sure seasoned KS backers have been in situations where things were late or even not delivered at all. I am proud that even if we are a bit late we have delivered all our kickstarters to date.

    But a couple of fans have emailed me to tell how disappointed they are with the kickstarter project and that they will not be supporting us again. This cuts me deep, I can’t help but take it personally mostly because of how much I put into the atlas. It seems that they don’t believe that I did put enough effort in or that because we sell other products that it must have diverted my attention away from the Atlas. I guess we cannot please everyone. But it disappoints me to think they are unhappy. As a business we have to juggle multiple projects if we did one think at a time there would be no business, at all. What I can say is that I invested the majority of my time on the atlas during that project. As soon as I finished the maps I switched to new projects.

    I tried my best to get the atlas done as quickly as possible but I was not going to dash out a poor quality job. So although I am sorry it was late I do not apologise for taking the time to illustrate the book to the highest level of my ability.

    So there you go – I feel I had to get this off my chest!

    Sorry if I bored you guys I hope this gives you some insight into why we may not jump into another atlas project without proper thought.


    (Cartographer, Atlas of the Frozen North)

    in reply to: King of Thieves Rules Questions #7147

    TAG Robin

    Having played King of Thieves quite a bit now, it is very well liked in my family.
    But there are some rules questions we need some clarifications.

    1. When a Tomb’s Guardian was not defeated, it “wanders” to the next Tomb in addition to the next Tomb’s new Guardian. But what happens when not one player played enough symbols of the required type to defeat the Tomb itself and gain its treasure? Is the old Tomb including the gold on the card added to the new Tomb in the next round – much as it is the case with a undefeated Guardian? Or is it simply discarded?

    When the Tomb Duel is not won by a player.
    On the rare occasions not a single player has a card to defeat the tomb then the tomb remains in play and a new Guardian is added to that tomb.

    If the Guardian and Tomb are not defeated they both remain in play for the next duelling round.

    2. The Community card is one of the three cards drawn and placed on the table at start of every round. How about an unused Community card? Does this card remain on the table until it is used by a player? Or is it discarded at the end each round?

    The community card is discarded at the end of each round. A new community card must be drawn at the beginning of the new round.

    3. Who can actually use the Community card in the resolution phase? And “how often” could it be used? – Is the Community card usable by all players during their turn in resolving the round? That would mean that a Community card showing a fitting symbol for the Guardian or the Tomb would add to each and every player’s result. – Or could it only be used once be the first player who decides to add it to his result – which most often would be the starting player for the round?

    All players may use the community card during a round. However it can only be used for one duel. E.G. if player 1 chooses to use the community card in the Guardian duel they may not use it in the Tomb Duel and player 2 uses the community card in the Tomb duel so they cannot use it in the Guardian duel.



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