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    I am in a group that has had a campaign running for a few years now. Excellent game. Over 100 Experience points of development into the character and he still gets his ass kicked.

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    I think the weapon does influence both Parry and Riposte.
    pg 100: Parry: When a Melee attack is made against him, substitute your Melee rating for your Active Defense in your Defense Roll, If you lose your Active Defense for any reason you may not make this substitution.

    Pg 102 has Attack Rating (which I am guessing is the same as Melee Rating

    Attack rating is based on skill plus attack modifiers “The weapon being used, the size of and range of the target, visibility conditions and any wound penalties your character has, may all affect the outcome of an attack.”

    So it looks like the weapon bonus is included, as long as Active Defense has not been lost.

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    A big thank you to TheGit as well for editing it and making it better. I forgot to get his name on it.

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    I can see where the players would want to take this. Take transmutation and geomancy and make perfect Toledo blades, or transmute copper to gold and sell it off. I think the longest Duration they could get would be 30 days as an Extended Ritual. Long enough to pull off a scam maybe, but almost sure to bring a horde of angry victims, and possibly the Inquisition along for the ride.

    Now an adventure based on setting up a situation where they would not be discovered… THAT could be fun… You would find out how creative they are.

    Now a short term Geomancy spell to transmute sand to gunpowder long enough to charge a cannon for a last ditch defense, that’s just being creative. πŸ˜›

    in reply to: Talent Ratings and Levels #2729

    Ignore my last post, I figured out what you meant and where I was going wrong in my thinking. Thanks for the answers.

    As I said, I am easily confused. πŸ˜›

    in reply to: Talent Ratings and Levels #2727

    HOWEVER, I must go back and provide a second answer at this point as, for the reason above, I never actually answered the β€œborrowed +2β€³ standing on its own. Same hero, but he takes Patron instead of Fencing School to gain the +2 bonus. Now he cannot buy Parry (though he could still borrow it if the Patron knew it). Why not? Buying a Talent should be based on permanent ratings, not borrowed or temporarily modified ones. It saves a lot of headache and prevents abuse (β€œI’ll boost Attribute or Skill X for one round using Magick and then spend these XPs I have stored to gain a new Talent!”).

    Ok, I am confused again. if the Character has Fencing Danse 6 and takes a Patron with Fencing Danse of at least 4 they get a +2 to their skill. This would raise the skill to Fencing Danse 8. Why could they not then buy Parry? They do not have Fencing School but their rating is over 8 in Fencing Danse. The Duelist on pg 64 has Fencing and Renoir at 8 and 9, and he has the Riposte Talent without a Fencing school or any Melee Skill at all, so I am assuming that the 8 rating in Fencing is allowing him to take Riposte.

    If it is the temporary nature of the Patron bonus, okay, I get that. So the character would have to buy Skill Aptitude: Fencing:Danse to get the +2 bonus, and then buy the Parry Talent after, right? or am I missing something again?

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    And a followup question, if the +2 gained in the first example allows a person to take Parry, but then the Resource is lost, as can happen, then they lose the +2 bonus and no longer qualify to take Parry. What happens to their Parry Talent?

    in reply to: Talent Ratings and Levels #2723

    Wiggy answered above
    And finally, same character but with Fencing School 4. They borrow Skill Aptitude, Fencing, and then Parry, is this possible?

    No. You can only borrow two Bonus Resources at Fencing School Level 4.


    Ummmm. what? The Character has Fencing School 4, allowing to borrow 2 Resources or Talents from the school, not limited by the Talents or Resources of the Fencing Master, pg 44. So if he can borrow 2 Talents from the School or Master I want to borrow Skill Aptitude Fencing and then Parry.

    Why at level 4 are you saying he can only borrow Resources and not Talents? The entire example has been about borrowing a Parry Talent and what is needed to qualify to borrow that Talent. I’m confused (which is not surprising, I am easily confused) πŸ™‚

    in reply to: [New Organisation]Black Musketeers #2628

    So why do you want to play All For One as a game and NOT have the players be Musketeers? The name of the game implies a Musketeer bias. πŸ™‚

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