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    TAG Wiggy

    Hi folks!

    TAG is planning on Kickstarting the Land of Fire Adventure Compendium I (aka Tales from the Sands) and we’re interested in what you have to say. There’s a lot for me to say, so please forgive the long post. If you’re not a fan of Kickstarter, you might want to look away now — we’re planning on a few more this year so we can get you as many print products as possible.

    The Details
    In days of old we released Hellfrost adventures as individual PDFs, with prices averaging about $8, and years later worked them into print bundles. For LOF we’re looking at doing things differently — printed adventure compendiums from the start. The first one will be 130 pages (4 x adventures), full-size (same size as the core book), softback, black and white (color cover). The adventure levels are Novice, Novice, Seasoned, and Seasoned. Given the length of the tales, this should get your party to Veteran Rank.

    We’re looking at offering the PDF for $10 via Kickstarter (SRRP $17). Obviously that comes to $2.50 per adventure, which we hope you’ll agree is pretty good value in these hard times, especially since each one averages 30 pages of text, stats, maps, and handouts (no Figure Flats or wasted white space). For those who like the little details, the breakdown of each adventure by page count is Adventure 1: 32 pages, Adventure 2: 30 pages + 4 page appendix, Adventure 3: 32 pages, Adventure 4: 30 pages + 1 page appendix.

    The softcover print and PDF bundle is currently estimated at $25.

    We’re also hoping to offer Limited Edition hardbacks (signed and unsigned), depending on interest. The latter will only be available through stores that back the Kickstarter and from TAG directly.

    Being Honest
    We’re all gamers at TAG, so let’s talk gamer-to-gamer. There are going to be just FIVE pledge levels, one of which is for stores only. The purpose of this Kickstarter is for you to back an adventure compendium you want in your hands, so there won’t be any add-ons or extras. I know they’re popular when it comes to RPGs, but this isn’t a setting books or rules expansion.

    There will be two stretch goals — a full set of Figure Flats (to cover all 4 adventures) and a color interior print run.

    After the KS ends, there will be no print + PDF bundle offer through the TAG store — if you want that, help us out from the start by backing the KS project.

    We’ll be looking for around $1600-2000 for this large adventure compendium.

    Risks & Other Notes
    The books is written, edited, and laid out, and all the maps are in, so those risks and delays have been eliminated already. All we’re waiting on to finalize it is the cover image.

    All being well, the Kickstarter will be going live in February.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    I find this to be a refreshing and welcome approach to Kickstarting something, and I hope the attitude becomes a default in times to come.

    It doesn't matter that it has all been said before~
    Casting Shadows


    No cc means not being able to back it…. that would mean that some people , like me, won’t get this book….

    TAG Wiggy

    The book will be available through distribution in softcover, but no, you won’t be able to get a PDF + print bundle. However, there are ways around you having no credit card — Enno and Umberto managed it for Land of Fire. We’ll talk privately about that nearer the time, mate.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director

    TAG Robin

    The no CC situation is something I’ve been thinking about – other companies get around this by allowing backers to pay via paypal through their own websites – this is something we can look at doing on the TAG website – we can register your pledge that way.


    Straight forward – I like it. I really dislike the byzantine approach some of these KS have. $25 for softcover and pdf for 4 (good sized) adventures is a very solid deal.

    Left is Death!


    If you’re launching more kickstarters, this study by Georgia Tech may be of interest.


    Bit bummed that you will not be offering the PDF after the KS ends. I have a tight “fun money” budget. If my funds are low during the KS then I can no longer get a PDF copy at all. That hurts as these days I run everything from my tablet. 🙁 Just a comment.

    GAME ON!
    John T>


    As much as I love the explosion of RPGs that were made possible by Kickstarter, I try as much as possible to buy physical products I’m interested in through my FLGS, whatever the cost. If my game store can get it, I’d likely pick it up there.


    I like the simplicity. Sometimes Kickstarters have just too much – and stretch goals can just eat into the time it takes to get the final product out.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 30 total)
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