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Who rules the dukedom of Eastheath?

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    Owl Consular

    I have one question about Magocraty. Who rules the dukedom of Eastheath? The Gazetteer says the followings:

    Ruler: Mage-Duke Eastheath of the Second Sphere

    the duchess is trying to
    secure an agreement

    I searched for an answer on the old and new TAG forums, but to no avail.

    For de runerne de lyster han å vinne!..


    I also found it weird that this is the only domain with no named ruler and the strangest stuff history (broke his stuff so golems won’t capture it?!). No answers found in any books that I am aware off though.

    edit: oh, you were talking abut the gender. Even stranger than. I think Shadowlords are up to something.

    Battle Skald from occupied Vestmark


    I believe the Gazetteer is a typo as the current ruler of Eastheath should read “Mage-Duchess Eastheath”.

    She is mentioned in a couple places within the Hellfrost Atlas, and as you pointed out, in the Gazetteer too. Only one mention of the Mage-Duke Eastheath was made, which again, as you noted, was in the Ruler line of the Gazetteer entry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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