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What Books Do I Need?
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    If you’re new to Hellfrost and are wondering which of the many products you need to play the game, here’s a quick summary of each one.

    Player’s Guide, Gazetteer, and Bestiary: These are the core books, and all you need to have many years of fun.

    Action Deck: Deck of 54 cards. In addition to the glorious artwork, the cards come with an additional game mechanic – the runes.

    GM’s Screen: Collects and collates all the main tables from the core books. This product does not include the table from the core SW rules.

    Hellfrost Atlas: Each region in the Gazetteer is expanded on and has brand new, zoomed-in full color maps (1″ = 50 miles). Note that this massive volume doesn’t repeat the basic Gazetteer information.

    Hellfrost Expansion: New options for player characters. Setting rules for boasting, burials, dedication to the gods, divination, favors, justice, kinship, and libraries. An expanded bestiary containing dozens of new monsters. Detailed rules for running a resource. With these rules heroes can take direct responsibility for governing land, temples, or mercenary companies, allowing them to make decisions that will lead to prosperity or ruin.

    Hellfrost Expansion 2: New options for player characters, including Edges, Hindrances, gear, Arcane Background, and spells. Setting rules for ancestry, collective faith, the effects of elevation on temperature, exploring the turbulent seas and dark underworld, a new type of relic, and traditional sports. Detailed rules for learning and casting resource miracles, powerful rituals designed to affect an entire settlement. Expanded information on the many organizations player characters can join. An expanded bestiary with over 100 additonal foes.

    Hellfrost Matters of Faith: A major expansion on the religions of Hellfrost. Contains information for clerics of the major gods, major and local ceremonies, dozens of minor gods, and information of Godsheim and the Abyss.

    Hellfrost Calendar: Great for tracking the passage of time. Each month is presented on a single page, and includes the dates for all the holy days and major festivals, as well as the season in which it falls and seasonal activity notes.

    Road Warden Map: A large, full color map printed on canvas. Not essential, but a great prop for players and a handy tool for GMs.

    Hellfrost Adventure Compendiums: There’s a range of scenarios available. Four grouped the adventures by Rank, whereas Saga of the Frost Giants consists of four adventures that form a mini-campaign.

    Hellfrost Encounters: This tome contains 50 detailed encounters. All the background, maps, stats, tactics, and terain notes you need are included on a single spread, so there’s no need to flip the page once play begins. Ideal as random encounters or the starting scenes to a longer adventure. Also included are tables to help you design military based encounters, such as those you’ll find in Vestmark-Orcmark.

    Creature Guide Compendium:
    Includes cultural notes, military tactics, and stats for the race (some collated from existing materials, others brand new) on the bufomi, frost giants, fungals, golems, ice goblins, and kreana.

    Heroes & Villains: 60+ detailed NPCs built as starting Novice characters. Ideal for new players, short campaigns, convention games, or turning into higher Rank NPCs. Each type of mage is represented, as is every deity (though some clerics worship minor affiliated deities rather than one of the major gods).

    Legendary Endeavors: Rules for making magic items through heroic deeds plus examples and information on skaldic repertoires and sample stories, songs, and poems.

    Freebies: There is a lot of free material available from the download section of the website. Some of it is optional, some of it is core expansion material. Each document tells you where it stands in terms of being official or not.

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    Even easier answer – All of them!!

    "I drank what?" - Socrates

    TAG Wiggy

    Need and want are very different things. 🙂

    I want Creature Guide Compendium, Heroes & Villains, and Legendary Endeavors in print for referencing, but luckily I have my raw PDFs to tide me over.

    I need a new pair of shoes to replace my one (now broken) pair, so I want you to buy all our books. 😀

    Triple Ace Games Creative Director


    I remeber when i looked at my buying model for RPG over the last few years. I’ve drifted from the ‘own everything’ mentality to a ‘core only’ due to changes in my income and outgoings. However when a good setting gets its claws into me i do go a little silly. I picked up almost everything. I dont have some of the mini books which i hood to correct and i dont own any of the adventure books.

    Im the kind of guy who wants a toolbox to play with which is why i love the setting. Sure the world is fully formed with an atlas on the way. However i play in the spaces between the lines and explore the minor plot points.

    Is there another book i want to see? I dont think so but i though that last year and now im reading legendary endeavours and loooing forward to ordering the arcane book.

    Maybe the future of the setting is plot point campigns but im not sure if others agree. Otherwise maybe going a little abstract like a book of advenutre locations or a guide on enviomental hazards and surival.

    I think im rambling now… I better stop.

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    I resurrect the topic and give a more constructive answer here we go:

    If you new to the world of Hellfrost as player then all you need it the Players Guide. As a GM I go a lot of mileage just out of the three core books. Players Guide, Gazetteer and Bestiary. You can literally run years of adventure with these books maybe backed up with zome of the freebie bits that float around the website.

    If as a player you want to expand upon your options then I heartily recommend the Hellfrost Expansion 2 with its write up of organizations you can joint and amazing guidelines on how to play them. if your playing a cleric or paladin of a god then the Matters of Faith book with really flesh out your options and again give guidelines on how to play a follower of that god. Finally if your playing an arcane caster then Arcane Lore is for you to flesh out the ideas behind the different type of casters and giving more options.

    As a Games Master I would heartly recommend as as added books the first Hellfrost Expansion book with a whole selection of monsters, new arcane backgrounds and expansion of the Alchemy rules; the latter useful for your players as well but I feel it mainly a GM book. If you want more information about the world then I say now is the perfect time to pick up the Atlas and the soon to be released map pack.
    Finally if your wanting to just run written material there are a couple of free adventures to get you started, if you love the style then consider picking up the Adventure Compendium’s or the Adventure Codex as they run like a connected campaign that powers up players in a steady path.

    "Life's a game; play to win." -Shaw family motto.

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